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Business Associate Degree Builds Strong Foundations for Bachelor's and Beyond

In business today, industry leaders face a variety of challenges: consumer demands, rapidly changing technology, the need for more efficient planning and greater productivity, and challenges of logistics. These issues in business administration requires that managers have more knowledge, training and skills than ever before. To meet this need, UACCM offers 2+2 transfer agreements with several universities, where students complete their Associate of Science in Business and transfer to complete to bachelor’s degree.   UACCM offers a pathway towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration UACCM holds 2+2 transfer agreement s with several universities who offer a business administration degree: Arkansas State University , Arkansas Tech University , the University of Arkansas at Little Rock , and the University of Central Arkansas . Employment in the health care industry in an administrative capacity. A business administration curriculum is designed to teach students how

Transfer Agreement Leads Students to Health Care Administration

The COVID-19 pandemic put a large spotlight on the health care industry as the world rallied to support professionals caring for the sick. Along with the front-line workers, an important part of the health care structure are the administrators who kept facilities running under difficult circumstances.  These administrative roles are vital to the healthcare industry, and UACCM students has a transfer opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree in this field.  UACCM holds 2+2 transfer agreement with UCA Healthcare administrators oversee the day-to-day administrative operations of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Duties include monitoring budgets and updating health records. UACCM has a 2+2 transfer agreement with the University of Central Arkansas, which offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Health Services Administration that prepares students for employment in the health care industry in an administrative capacity. Why it matters? With t

Four Ways to Find the Right Student Org for You

This content is featured on the UACCM app, a resource for students on topics like technology, wellness, campus life, and student success. The app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play .  Looking to getting involved on campus with a student organization? There are several benefits, including the chance to network with your peers, explore interests, an boost your resume and college transcript. Here are a few resources to consult.  Consult the Student Org Directory at the UACCM website or consult the Student Organizations tab on the UACCM app. Talk to your instructor about what is available. Many academic programs has a student organization club, and your instructors would love for you to be an active member. Not sure what student organization is right for you? Reach out to UACCM Student Activities at for advice on how to be best involved on campus.  Talk to your peers in your classes and the Student Union about the organizations in whic

10 Tips for Success in Online Classes

Online college students have busy schedules. They balance their courses, their professional work lives, and even family or other social obligations. Finding time to study in between all of their other commitments can be pretty challenging. Students taking courses through UACCM are often working full-time while earning their degree. Making it all work isn’t easy, but balancing classes and work is possible. H ere are some strategies and tips from UACCM faculty members to consider to help you successfully navigate online learning. 1. Computer literacy is key Computer literacy includes, but is not limited to, the following skills: downloading, printing, unzipping files, blocking pop-ups, saving and uploading and attaching documents, e-mailing, navigating the web, operating Windows, utilizing Office 365, and using netiquette.    2.Make arrangements for a strong internet signal Students should have strong, reliable Internet access.  Instructors will not accept computer malfu

UACCM Marketing Team Nets a Pair of Regional Awards

(L to R): Chancellor Lisa Willenberg, Trevor Mize, and Jared Craig The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton has been recognized for its talented marketing efforts by the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR) District 4 Conference. UACCM’s Institutional Advancement team received gold and bronze Medallion Awards from its industry peers. Trevor Mize, UACCM’s graphic/web designer, won a gold award for an invitation design of the Chancellor’s Reception for Chancellor Lisa Willenberg, which was held in November 2019. Additionally, Jared Craig, the college’s coordinator of information and public relations, netted a bronze award for an article about a UACCM student who fled gang violence in El Salvador before attending the college. The team is led by Director of Marketing and Public Relations Mary Clark. The NCMPR Medallion Awards recognize outstanding achievement in design and communication among the community and technical colleges in each of NCMP