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PTK Students Share Experiences from Convention

Members of PTK at the Phi Theta Kappa Oklahoma-Arkansas Regional Convention. Courtesy of Mathew Herrman. Recently, members of the UACCM Phi Theta Kappa, Beta Eta Sigma Chapter attended the Phi Theta Kappa Oklahoma-Arkansas Regional Convention. Three students—Sarah Fulmer, Amy Gericke, and Michael Grant—participated in speech competitions and shared their experiences below. Sarah Fulmer The most useless thing I have learned from my two extemporaneous speech competitions is that my brain is utterly hopeless at doing anxiety. When Mr. Herrman first brought up the idea of having me compete at the Phi Theta Kappa Oklahoma-Arkansas Regional Convention (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?), I was too excited to realize how terrified I should have been. Even when he explained to me how the completion would work, I was still too giddy to realize how terrified I should be. The extemporaneous speech competition at PTK conferences works like this: the competitors blindly draw a topic

UACCM Drafting Instructor Puts Students First — My UACCM Story

Drafting Instructor Kristen Karetov UACCM Drafting Instructor Kristen Karetov, also a UACCM graduate, has a jam-packed schedule with classes and her role as faculty sponsor of several student organizations. Her commitment to students' success is one reason that makes UACCM a great college. Tell us a little bit about drafting. What about it do you like the most? The easiest way to explain drafting is when we take our ideas and put them onto paper so that someone can create them. I love watching a student look at a part that needs drawn and then seeing them figure out exactly how to draw it, or designing a home and seeing them perfect it on Revit. I also love how versatile drafting is. In one graduating class I can have a student going to an architectural firm, a civil engineering firm, manufacturing facility, interior design firm, or a telecommunications company. There are jobs all over the United States looking for the skills a person gains in this drafting program. What