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GED Classes Resume at UACCM Adult Ed-Perryville

The UACCM Adult Education site at Perryville is offering GED® classes at the Max Milam Library. UACCM Adult Education is reopening GED® classes at its Perryville location at the Max Milam Library, 608 Aplin Street. Classes are offered on Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm and are free to everyone. An experienced instructor is available to guide you through the process of obtaining your GED®. To enroll in the class, prospective students will need to bring a valid ID or Driver’s License, fill out a short application/form, and take the Locator and TABE tests. Based on your test results, the instructor will help you decide which areas you need to focus on before taking the GED® Ready (practice tests) and the official GED® exam.   UACCM Adult Education recently hosted an open house for the public, participating in a statewide event at 40 locations to raise awareness about the valuable services. The classes in Perryville are a branch of the UACCM Adult Educ

UA System Board of Trustees Names Willenberg as Chancellor

Lisa Willenberg The University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees unanimously confirmed UA System President Dr. Donald R. Bobbitt’s recommendation to name Lisa Willenberg as chancellor of the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton. The trustees voted in a meeting on Monday, October 21. Bobbitt recommended Willenberg, currently UACCM’s vice chancellor of finance and operations, after a nationwide search. Her tenure as chancellor will begin on November 1.  “I would like to thank President Bobbitt, the search committee and the campus community for the support and for believing in me and to entrust me with this honor,” Willenberg said. “Continuing to build campus and community relationships as well as trust will be my priority as I will work collaboratively and cooperatively to expand educational opportunities for everyone. I am deeply honored to serve as the next chancellor at UACCM.” At the Board of Trustees meeting, Trustee Kelly Eichler, who also se

Student Who Fled Central American Gang Violence Finds Opportunity at UACCM — My UACCM Story

An UACCM student shares his personal story about fleeing El Salvador after a gang threatened his family San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. Oswaldo Martinez/Unsplash The threats against Diego’s family arrived as they usually did: they were left in the mailbox. As far as anyone could tell, a gang in San Salvador—the capital city of El Salvador—made threats because the family renovated the house and expanded. The addition of a second level displayed a sign of wealth that called attention, making them targets for extortion. The demands for money were clear, and the gang was transparent about everything that they knew about the family. The gang listed where Diego’s father worked and where Diego and his sisters went to school. The letters included details like the color of the family car, and of course, their knowledge of the family’s home address was evident.  At the bottom of each letter, the gang proudly signed with “18”, likely identifying as Barrio 18, the largest org