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20 Questions with Faculty: Anthony Holt

 Let us play a game of 20 Questions with biology instructor Anthony Holt. Anthony Holt Place of birth?   Jackson County, Arkansas What do you like most about teaching at UACCM? Great students! What interests you most about your subject? Its importance in the real world! Advice I give to students? In education, the lesson is not the thing. Soak it all up in order to be able to put the whole puzzle together. What you think is not important now may be the most important thing you ever learned! What do you think is the best reason to attend UACCM? The best instructors possible! What do you listen to in the car? NPR, for current news about all types of topics. My favorite movie is… Big Fish . It is about a man that tells stories about how life is a long series of individual stories that all overlap. My favorite TV show is… The Black List The last show that I binged was… House . It just doesn’t get any better than Dr. Gregory House

"Nursing is where my heart is" — My UACCM Story

2019 graduate Zoee Coffman came to UACCM with a plan to ultimately transfer to a university and graduate from medical school. Then she found her passion in nursing. Zoee Coffman (Courtesy of Zoee Coffman) Please describe your current work and career highlights. I am a floor nurse at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Russellville. I work on the Medical Surgical/Telemetry floor. I absolutely love all of the experience I am getting working in Med/Surg as we see some of everything and no two days are ever the same. Was there a class or professor that was particularly meaningful or influential during your time at UACCM? I think all of the practical nursing instructors, in one way or another, influenced who I am as a nurse whether it be skills from clinical that help me care for my patients physically or theory that provided me with knowledge to care for them medically. What advice would you give to current students or your college self? Stop procrastinating an