Four Ways to Find the Right Student Org for You

student stands at a booth to speak to student organization representatives

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Looking to getting involved on campus with a student organization? There are several benefits, including the chance to network with your peers, explore interests, an boost your resume and college transcript. Here are a few resources to consult. 

  1. Consult the Student Org Directory at the UACCM website or consult the Student Organizations tab on the UACCM app.
  2. Talk to your instructor about what is available. Many academic programs has a student organization club, and your instructors would love for you to be an active member.
  3. Not sure what student organization is right for you? Reach out to UACCM Student Activities at for advice on how to be best involved on campus. 
  4. Talk to your peers in your classes and the Student Union about the organizations in which they are involved. You may learn about which one is good for you. Who knows, you may even come up with an idea for a new one.  


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