Business Associate Degree Builds Strong Foundations for Bachelor's and Beyond

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In business today, industry leaders face a variety of challenges: consumer demands, rapidly changing technology, the need for more efficient planning and greater productivity, and challenges of logistics.

These issues in business administration requires that managers have more knowledge, training and skills than ever before. To meet this need, UACCM offers 2+2 transfer agreements with several universities, where students complete their Associate of Science in Business and transfer to complete to bachelor’s degree.


UACCM offers a pathway towards a bachelor’s degree in business administration

UACCM holds 2+2 transfer agreements with several universities who offer a business administration degree: Arkansas State University, Arkansas Tech University, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and the University of Central Arkansas. Employment in the health care industry in an administrative capacity.

  • A business administration curriculum is designed to teach students how to plan strategically to create organizational value and master financial principles. Coursework is typically designed to align with real-world business scenarios taught from an industry-relevant perspective.
  • The latest transfer agreement signed with UACCM is Arkansas Tech, which occurred at a signing ceremony last December.
  • UACCM graduates transferring under this agreement has the opportunity to pursue an emphasis in business management, data analytics, and digital marketing.  
  • Dig Deeper: Business administration is consistently the most popular major on a university campus, concluded.


Career outlook

The possibilities for graduates with this degree often are endless, as the makeup of a business can vary depending on its goods or service. Employment can include positions such as sales managers, loan officers, real estate agents, logistician, budget analysts, and human resources and payroll specialists.


Associate of Science in Business

The Associate of Science in Business degree is designed for those students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution to earn a higher degree. It does not provide the technical knowledge or skills needed to obtain employment in a business-related field.

  • Specific business courses in UACCM’s business program are often required as pre-requisites for upper-division courses at four-year institutions.
  • The degree, made up of 62 credit hours, includes coursework on macroeconomics, business communications, business law, statistics, and more.
  • After transferring to a university, students will take 58 hours of core content and upper division courses to complete their bachelor’s degree.


Transfer pro tip

Meet regularly with your adviser and UACCM Transfer Services. Keep your adviser informed of your transfer plans, and as transfer approaches, set a time to meet with an adviser at your target institution.


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