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UACCM Statement Regarding the Vehicle Accident at the Health and Fitness Building

College officials responded to an accident involving a vehicle crashing into the Health and Fitness Building, located off Lentz Drive on campus, on Saturday, September 28. The accident left considerable damage to the building, which is used for fitness and health classes. The building will remain closed to students and the public until further notice after repairs are made.  The accident occurred in the morning when the car rammed into a front-fa├žade window, smashed into equipment, and drove directly into the back rooms. No employees or students were inside at the time, and the car stopped when it struck the rear wall. Emergency personnel examined the building and determined that it remained structurally sound, but the collision left a considerable hole at the exterior.  College administrators arrived on site immediately after the accident to access the damage and speak with emergency personnel. The damaged section currently has a patchwork job and is covered to p

Lt. Governor Griffin Visits UACCM

(L to R) John Duvall, IMMT instructor; Mary Clark, director of marketing and public relations; Darren Jones, vice chancellor for student services; Diana Arn, interim chancellor; Mary Newsome, assistant to the chancellor; Tim Griffin, Lt. Governor of Arkansas; Jessica Rohlman, director of workforce development and community education; and Lisa Willenberg, vice chancellor for finance and operations Lt. Governor Tim Griffin visited the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton on September 24 to tour the Workforce Training Center. During his time on campus, he explored labs that are used by several programs with UACCM Interim Chancellor Diana Arn and college administrators. There he learned the role the facility plays in UACCM’s technical programs, including auto service technology; air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration; industrial mechanics and maintenance; and welding; as well as the Department of Workforce Development and Community Education. The tour emph