The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton (UACCM) has a reported 1,963 students enrolled for spring 2024. That is a 16 percent increase over spring 2023, which saw an enrollment of 1,665. The increase in spring enrollment is the second straight spring of increased enrollment for UACCM.

Also seeing an increase are the student semester credit hours (SSCH), which grew for the second consecutive spring. In 2022, SSCH was at 16,638; 2023 saw an SSCH of 16,992; and this spring saw SSCH at 19,492.

“The increase in headcount for the Spring semester was largely due to the increase in the number of concurrent students from high schools. It is very close to the fall increase and consists primarily of Greenbrier students,” said UACCM Chancellor Lisa Willenberg. “We are in conversations with multiple additional high schools in our service area for similar arrangements where their high school students can get a jump start on the college credits, both in general education core courses as well as career and technical skills programs.”

UACCM has continued to see steady growth in high school students since 2021. Each spring since has seen growth, the largest being this spring, with 631 high school students enrolled for spring 2024, compared to the 317 high school students enrolled for spring 2023.

Prospective students and their families can learn more about UACCM online at


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