Get to know Miss UACCM 2023


Earlier this month, Zaybrau Williams, from Dardanelle, was named Miss UACCM in the fifteenth annual Miss UACCM pageant. 

Zaybrau was awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the UACCM’s Chancellor’s Office, a floral bouquet courtesy of Plummer’s Flowers and Gifts, Morrilton, and gifts cards from Elia’s Mexican Grill, Morrilton, and Red Barn Market, Conway.

Get to know Miss UACCM 2023, Zaybrau Williams, a little more.

Why did you choose UACCM?

I chose UACCM because of the community size and the various opportunities that are available to me. From being raised in a small community, UACCM felt like home. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming, it made choosing UACCM so easy.

What are your educational and career goals?

I am majoring in General Education. Once I finish with my associate degree here at UACCM, I plan to attend the University of Arkansas Medical School (UAMS) to further my education in Sonography. After completing UAMS’s program of Diagnostic Sonography, I will be an Ultrasound Technician. 

Why an Ultrasound Technician? 

I would like the power of making a difference. I will be able to help expecting parents get the first glimpse of their babies. Having the opportunity of capturing a special moment like that will be remarkable. 

When you realized that you had won Miss UACCM, what did you think and feel?

All kinds of emotion went through me. I felt honored to have been chosen to represent the very school that has helped me pursue my dream. I had never thought that I would have won something so special and miraculous.

What does it mean to you to be Miss UACCM?

Being Miss UACCM means being honorable, confident, and being dedicated to your community. Miss UACCM is a representative for UACCM as a whole, so it is a big role to fill.

What do you wish people knew about you?

I wish people knew how family oriented I am. I love spending time with my loved ones and playing board games because of how competitive we all are! I also wish people knew how much I love the outdoors and how much peace it gives me.

What is your favorite part of UACCM?

My favorite part of UACCM is the cost to attend. I do not come from a very wealthy family, so having a low tuition rate has helped me pursue my dream of becoming a sonographer. Having this opportunity, and not having to go into debt, has made my dreams feel so much more achievable. 


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