Featured Industry Partner: Jonathan Hamner

Industry Partner and Alumnus, Jonathan Hammer, B & F Engineering, Vice President of Survey

This featured alumnus and industry partner is a graduate of the surveying program. Meet Jonathan Hamner! Jonathan graduated in 2001 and now works at B & F Engineering, a division of Crafton Tull as Vice President of Survey.

What are the benefits of partnering with UACCM for yourself and for the college?

B & F has numerous graduates of the surveying program at UACCM and the success rate of those graduates is very high. We continue to seek graduates of the program to help keep our business as successful as it has been in years past.

Why should other professionals serve on advisory committees?

The best reason is that, as a working professional in the field, you get to have a voice as to the instruction and training of people that will be entering your profession in the near future. You get a say in what is really needed for a graduate to be successful.

What do you enjoy most about your career?

The people that I work with and the time I get to spend outdoors.

Why should students consider your career field?

It is a fulfilling profession where you get to help people do what they need to do by providing a basic service to all development around the country.

What advice would you give yourself when you were starting your career?

Get as much experience in as many facets of surveying as you can.


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