Alumni Spotlight: Kathy Brantley

Featured Alumni, Kathy Brantley, RTI Director at Quitman School

We are back with another spotlight of our amazing alumni. Meet Kathy Brantley!

Kathy attended UACCM from 2005 to 2007 and received her Associate of Arts in Teaching. Today, she serves as RTI Director at Quitman Public Schools.

Why should students choose UACCM?

I chose to attend UACCM because I wanted to be known as a person and not a number. The smaller class sizes afforded me the ability to learn better and to form lasting relationships with my teachers and classmates. I was also able to receive a transfer scholarship to finish my bachelor’s degree at UCA.

What was your favorite thing about attending UACCM?

My favorite thing about attending UACCM is the relationships that I formed with many of my teachers and classmates.

How did UACCM prepare you for your career and life today?

UACCM gave me the confidence, as a new college student, to keep pushing toward my dream of becoming a teacher. They also helped that dream become a reality through the scholarship opportunities that were awarded to me.

What advice would you give yourself as a student?

If I were able to give myself any advice as a student it would be to enjoy this season of your life, don’t just check boxes towards your long-term goal.


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