Top 5 Reasons to Consider Being an Adjunct

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What is an adjunct faculty member?

Put simply, an adjunct faculty member is a part-time instructor at a college or university. Adjunct faculty are typically hired from semester to semester and paid based on the number of courses they instruct. The minimum requirement to become an adjunct at UACCM is having a master’s degree with 18 graduate hours related to the courses you plan to instruct. There are many benefits to being an adjunct instructor; let’s get into them below.

Reason 1: Extra income

Being an adjunct faculty member provides you an opportunity for an extra stream of income. Adjuncts are paid per credit hour they instruct, so the amount of extra income generated is all up to you. 

Reason 2: Flexibility

Adjunct faculty have the potential for a lot of flexibility. Because you choose how many courses you instruct, you can have as much responsibility or free time as you prefer. Being an adjunct is not a full-time or long-term commitment. If you have another job or stay home as a caretaker, being an adjunct is possible. With online courses, the in-person commitment is reduced, making adjunct positions even more appealing.

Reason 3: Gain teaching and higher education experience

As an adjunct faculty member, you are responsible for the instruction of a college-level course. If you are looking to build experience in teaching, especially in a higher education setting, being an adjunct is a great way to gain valuable resume material. 

Reason 4: Experience a college or university’s work culture

Have you ever wanted to test out a work culture before you commit full-time? Being an adjunct instructor allows you this opportunity. Experience a college or university’s work culture, build connections with your colleagues, and get to know the campus environment. 

Reason 5: Make a difference

The most important benefit of being an adjunct instructor is the opportunity to make a difference. You will help build knowledge that will affect students for the rest of their lives. You will have the opportunity to make connections and get to know students while helping them achieve their goals. Being an adjunct can be a rewarding experience.

Are you interested in becoming an adjunct instructor at UACCM? Job openings will be posted as they become available. Most adjunct positions are typically advertised before the beginning of each semester, however, positions can be posted any time of year. To see current job listings, visit


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