Industry Partner: David DeFrancisco

Industry Partner, David DeFrancisco, Application Engineering Manager at Innovation Industries Inc.

This featured industry partner serves on our Drafting advisory board! David DeFrancisco of Innovation Industries Inc. is an Application Engineering Manager that helps our program succeed. Learn more about him and his involvement with UACCM below.

What are the benefits of partnering with UACCM?

Partnering with UACCM allows our company an inside look at the methods, subject matter, and computer software that UACCM employs. It also allows us to talk with current and prospective students guiding them in their chosen career paths.

Why should students consider a career in drafting?

There is a large demand for drafters today. Everything that is made had to be drawn first. Then, if needed, all the tooling that is required to make that part has to be drawn also. There are many jobs that are unfilled due to the lack of qualified applicants. Graduating with an associate degree with little or no debt and starting a career is a great option.

What do you enjoy about your career?

For me personally, I'm in an office environment so temperature extremes outside don’t affect us much. Each customer's requirement is different so that means it isn't the same thing every day and there are times when we are required to come up with different solutions for situations that our customers face.

Why should others serve on advisory committees?

Usually, students are steered to a 4-year college and think of a vocational college as a lesser option. We need to make sure that this is not the case and show current and potential students that there are great and rewarding careers in the workforce.

What advice would you give yourself when starting your career?

Make sure you have something to offer a prospective employer. Having education in a certain field gives that employer the knowledge that you know the software and have the training needed to be a great employee.


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