Nursing and Science Receive Grant-Funded Upgrades

The nursing and science programs at UACCM recently received much-needed upgrades thanks to grant funding, especially Covid-19 relief funds. As Covid-19 slows and operations steadily return to normal, these additions will assist students in becoming better nurses and science professionals for years to come.

In the science department, existing microscopes have been outfitted with an HD screen and camera that help students see the bigger picture. By scanning a QR code with their smart device, they can easily capture photos of specimens for use in lab reports and study guides. Science instructor Anthony Holt also noted the importance of this new equipment for online learning. As an instructor, he can project the microscope images and record them. If virtual learning is ever implemented in the future, this ensures students still experience the important microscopy component of courses like microbiology. The purchase of this microscope equipment was made possible by the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

Caption: Students in Mr. Holt’s class utilize new microscopy accessories in their microbiology class.

Caption: Students in Mr. Holt’s class utilize new microscopy accessories in their microbiology class.

Nursing also purchased some needed upgrades and additions thanks to grant funds. New partitions, chairs, and side tables were acquired for the simulated patient rooms in Kirk Building Room 105. Equipment in the emergency care suite and partitions in Room 106 was also purchased using these funds. The nursing program utilized funding from a regional workforce grant for beds, mannequins, a lift, and other equipment in Room 113A.

Caption: Updated simulation patient suites in Kirk Building Room 105 will help students simulate working in a healthcare facility.

Caption: Kirk Building Room 106 received much-needed updates.

Caption: These beds and other equipment help simulate working in a long-term healthcare facility.


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