Twin Twos-day: Kristen & Jennifer Brown

It’s 2-22-22 on a Tuesday, so it’s the perfect time to feature students that come as a package deal: twins! For this month’s student feature, meet Kristen and Jennifer Brown.

Kristen and Jennifer are fraternal twins from Dover, Arkansas and they are in their final semester at UACCM. Just like their personalities, their courses of study are very different. Kristen chose to major in Psychology while Jennifer is a nursing student. Read on to learn more about this dynamic duo.

How are you different from your sister?

“We have different personalities,” they both agree.

Are there any challenges or benefits that come with being a twin?

“The benefit is definitely having a built-in best friend from day one,” said Jennifer, “but one of the challenges is they know everything about you, to the point they know how to annoy you…and will.”

Why did you both choose to attend UACCM?

They both chose UACCM for similar reasons, such as the small class sizes, affordable tuition, and Jennifer had the added interest in the Nursing program specifically. 

Who is older?

“Jennifer, by one minute,” said Kristen.

What is your favorite thing about your sister?

Jennifer says about Kristen, “Just how effortlessly beautiful she is.” Kristen had this to add about her sister: “Every moment is never dull, even when life is challenging we find ways to build one another up.”

After graduation, the twins have their own plans. Kristen will utilize her Psychology degree to work toward opening her own practice in trauma-based therapy. Jennifer plans to enter the field of nursing. We wish these terrific twins all the best as they finish up their final semester! 


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