#StaffSaturday: Barbara Gentry

You’ve met her before as UACCM Student Services Student of the Month, but this time she’s our #StaffSaturday feature. Meet Barbara, Gentry, Administrative Assistant in Admissions!

Barbara is a recent alum, finishing her associate degree in business just last year. Barbara says her favorite part of working at UACCM is getting to know the students, staff, and instructors. When she’s not at work, Barbara enjoys relaxing at home and watching her chickens and geese. 

Here’s a quick Q&A with Barbara:

Why should students choose UACCM?

Students should choose UACCM because the class sizes are small and the instructors care.

Do you have any special tips or tricks UACCM students should know?

Go to class every day, try the Fusion Fries at King Fry, and your flash drive is your life.

She also added, “Meet your classmates, love your instructors, and enjoy your time here. It goes by quickly.”


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