Porter and Charton Join UACCM Honors Program

The image celebrates two students who joined UACCM's Honors Program, Gabriella Charton and Cody Porter.

In the Spring 2022 semester, Cody Porter and Gabriella Charton were inducted into the UACCM Honors Program.  The UACCM Honors Program is designed to promote a rigorous academic curriculum for eligible talented and motivated students. The program provides an enhanced intellectual environment to encourage critical thinking and varied opportunities to expand communication along with cultural and community awareness.

Porter, a second-semester business student from Dover, Arkansas, is excited about the opportunities that the Honors Program will afford him. “It is said that you get out of college what you put into it,” Porter said. “I believe the honors program will allow me to academically engage in tasks that will challenge me. In turn, I hope to acquire useful tools that I can utilize in the real world and life after college.”

Gabriella Charton, former high school concurrent student and now full-time undergraduate, has also been inducted into the Honors Program this semester. She is an alumna of Morrilton High School and is pursuing her Associate of Science in Liberal Arts. After completing her associate degree, she plans to transfer to University of Central Arkansas for her bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics. “I'm very excited about the learning opportunities that I will be granted through this program that I would not find otherwise,” Charton said. “I hope that working on projects as an honors student will help me gain the confidence needed as I continue to work on developing professional skills.”

To learn more about the UACCM Honors Program and the criteria to apply, visit http://www.uaccm.edu/student/honors_program.html. 


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