UACCM Faculty Earn ACUE Certifications

This post has the text, "UACCM Faculty Earn ACUE Certifications." It also shows 8 faculty members with their certifications.

Recently, all UACCM full-time English instructors, one part-time English instructor, and two math instructors received their Certificate in Effective College Instruction from the Association of College and University Education (ACUE). ACUE’s course in Effective Practice Framework core competencies covers designing an effective course, establishing a productive learning environment, using active learning strategies, promoting higher-order thinking, and assessing to inform instruction and promote learning.

The following instructors recently received their certifications from ACUE:

Gwynda Shields, Part-time English Instructor 

Whitney Reuschling, English Instructor 

Robyn Jamison, Mathematics Instructor

Dr. Elishia Fairfield, English Instructor

Michael Booty, English Instructor

Taylor Dunn, English Instructor

Cynthia Fields, English Instructor

Dr. Nanette Berry, Program Chair/Mathematics Instructor

Lyndsey Daniel, Program Chair/English Instructor (not pictured)

Stephanie Norberg, English Instructor (not pictured)

Funding for the training came from the Arkansas Community College Strong Start to Finish Initiative.


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