#StudentSunday: Wilson Kitchens


The text to the right says, "#Student Sunday, Wilson Kitchens, Nursing Student." The image to the left is a picture of Mr. Kitchens.

For this #StudentSunday, meet Wilson Kitchens, nursing student from Roland, Arkansas!

Wilson’s favorite thing about UACCM is actually a campus building: “The atmosphere of the Library Complex is friendly and refreshing. The vast number of windows dispersed throughout the complex give off great natural lighting, which is unique compared to other seemingly dungeon-like libraries I have been to in the past.” When he’s not at school, Wilson enjoys any physical activity, especially weight training.

When it comes to finding the perfect career, Wilson explored his options. He came to UACCM as a non-traditional student in 2016 and earned a degree, but the career field wasn’t the right fit. He wanted to go back and earn a degree in nursing, but fear of failure was holding him back. Finally, he has made a brave career move and started his journey to becoming a nurse this year. “The staff here at UACCM have done nothing but help me reach my goal,” Wilson said. “I realized that failure is a part of life, and this realization is what led me back to UACCM.”

When it comes to advice, Wilson offers this: “Don’t be scared to reach out to your instructors when you are struggling in classes, I promise they are here to help you succeed.” After he finishes his degree at UACCM, Wilson plans to enroll in nursing school and obtain his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then become a nurse practitioner. “You won’t be great when you start, but you have to get started to become great,” he says. “Don’t be afraid to fail. You will learn much more in failure than you will in success.”


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