UACCM Disbursing Student Support Checks Directly to Enrolled Students

The onset of the pandemic created several new challenges for students in higher education. Whether it was lack of reliable internet access, loss of income, or impacts to mental or physical health, very few remained unaffected by Covid-19. According to a recent study from the National Center for Education Statistics, 35.4 percent of undergraduate students at two-year colleges experienced financial disruption or change during the pandemic, and 8.7 percent had difficulty accessing food or paying for food. 

In an effort to help students cope with financial stress, UACCM is disbursing funds from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund of the American Rescue Plan Act directly to enrolled students. 

For most students, funds will be distributed over the months of September, October, and November, with September checks being disbursed last week. Pell Grant eligible students will receive bonus checks in the amount of $350 each for a total of $1,050, and Pell Grant ineligible students will receive bonus checks in the amount of $250 for a total of $750. Students must be enrolled at the time of disbursement to receive their check. High school concurrent students will also receive a one-time $100 bonus check. 

While UACCM recognizes that for many students this will only put a small dent in the financial impacts of the pandemic, we hope this will help contribute to student success this semester. Students should also be aware of other resources on campus, such as personal counseling through the Student Development office, and the food pantries located in the Business Technology Center, Kirk Building, Library Complex, and Workforce Training Center. For more about resources UACCM has to offer, visit or contact the Student Development office. 


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