UACCM Announces 2021 Spring and Summer Chancellor's and Vice Chancellor's List

The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton is proud to announce the Chancellor’s and Vice Chancellor’s lists of students for the spring and summer 2021 semesters. The Chancellor’s List recognizes full-time students who completed at least 12 college-level credit hours with a 4.00 grade point average. The Vice Chancellor’s List recognizes full-time students who completed at least 12 college-level credit hours with a 3.50 to 3.99 grade point average.

Students named in the spring 2021 Chancellor’s List follow (in alphabetical order by city):

Atkins - Kris Camp and Cameron Lane
Bigelow - Rebecca Mann and Jessica Serna
Casa - Aaron Sanders
Clarksville - Amy Porter
Clinton - Sky Davidson, Summer Davidson, Brittiny Hughes, and Jessica Isom
Conway - Hallie Anderson, Amanda Baker, Thomas Brodsky, Brandon Champagne, Cathryn Collins, Alyssa Croy, Cat Forrest, Jessie Garst, Tommy Gault, Bo Harper, Jacquelyn Irby, Michael Iwamura, Emily Jones, Meghan Knotts, Amy Martin, Korey Morris, Larry Owens, Cecelia Passmore, Danielle Peyer, Aaron Pharr, Levi Pittman, Bailey Roscoe, Elijah Siebenmorgen, Joe Tosato, and Denise Willis
Damascus - Tyler Harmon, Tate Langrell, Sheena Mckenzie, and Angela Smith
Danville - Maria Camacho, Ryan Donnell, and Maddie Stanley
Dover - Kerstin Shirley
Greenbrier - Tony Dobbs, Jim Glass, and Wendy Smith
Hector - Jason Waterson
Houston - Kyle Schwarz, Anna Underwood, and Lacey Williams
Jacksonville - Atavia Williams
Knoxville - Jarrah Uhrich
Little Rock - Aiden Throneberry and Owen Throneberry
London - Briana Harnar and Daniel Sperry
Menifee - Jamiah Penn
Morrilton - Joseph Darling and Kyle Waitkus
Oppelo - Carrie Ryan
Perry - Katie French
Plumerville - Tania Armas, Ethan Briggler, Carson Collins, and Jeb Johnson
Roland - Nicole Johnson and Wilson Kitchens
Russellville - Chase Fryer, Stefanie Jones, Kyle Norris, Emily Simpson, and Cameron Sutterfield
Springfield - Anna Smith and Shanna Wilkerson
Vilonia - Ashley Patterson and Nikki Thornton

Students named in the spring 2021 Vice Chancellor’s List follow (in alphabetical order by city):

Atkins - Shelly Bradley, Kali Chism, Shana Chisum, Emily Courtwright, and Ben Jackson
Bee Branch - Ayden Griffith and Leslie Warford
Bigelow - Belle Gunther and Clay Jernigan
Casa - Skylar Fisher and Krislyn Fitch
Center Ridge - Lynlee Kyle
Choctaw - Katelyn Prosser
Clinton - Savannah Calhoun, Keaton Gresham, Anna Lee, Jackie Reams, Abby Sowers, and Lauren Wells
Conway - Ashley Allen, Michael Almaraz, Deasarae Bell, Steve Boozer, Blake Brindley, Jackson Brown, Harrison Castle, Drew Clements, Amanda Finch, Janae Franklin, Jacob Green, Kyndell Helton, Raeann Mallett, Maleah Manning, Elizabeth Marquez, Rachael Martinka, Stephanie McPhail, Danny Morris, Elizabeth Niewojna, Chelsy Phillips, Chase Robinson, J.T. Roscoe, Jaqueline Ruiz-Covarrubias, Regan Sanchez, Shak Smith, Hannah Songer, Shamard Thomas, Connor Tuttle, and Corey Tyler
Danville - Miguel Alcocer-Hernandez, Karina Baldazo, Diana Flores, Anthony Ochoa, and Melissa Villanueva
Dardanelle - Adrean Goodman
Dover - Mere Whitted
Enola - Alayna Belote
Greenbrier - Jessica Carroll, Justina Clouse, Amy Floyd, Marissa Lindsey, Elissa McCray, Bruce Mills, and Matt Thomas
Guy - Emi Acre and Brittany Burris
Hattieville - Ashton Andrews
Hector - Ethan Allison, Lindsey Herring, and Baylee Riley
Houston - Macey West
Huntertown - Caleb Coffman
Jerusalem - Thomas Watkins
Little Rock - Ethan Hicks
Mayflower - Aaliyah Armstrong and Michael Pederson
Morrilton - Seth Bost, Payton Charton, Mackenzi Garofalo, Katrina Gentry, Olivia Gray, Marley Hammack, Haylee Harris-Hill, Audrey Kaspar, Ethan Kuettle, Jordan Riddle, Tonya Sears, Katelyn Secrest, Lydia Ussery, Brooke Williams, and Caitlyn Williams
North Little Rock - Ross Bona
Ola - Shaleah Sandberg
Oppelo - Faith Bane
Perryville - Natalie Brewer, Michael Pote, and Sarah Ross
Plumerville - Landon Jones, Mallory Jones, Elizabeth Luscombe, Abbye Millsap, Hannah Murphy, and Jacque Wilson
Pottsville - Bri Bell and Jon Countryman
Russellville - Gabrielle Boyer, Chad Collins, Jakelyn Cortez, Austin Hamm, Katlyn Heaton, Jonathan Hughes, Brian McClure, Laura Misenheimer, Joey South, and Autumn Warner
Shirley - Shane Coursey
Solgohachia - Rich Morris
Vilonia - Ashley Delong and Ashlyn Ferren

Students named in the summer 2021 Chancellor’s List follow (in alphabetical order by city):

Conway - Rebekah Pinard
Hector - Jason Waterson
Morrilton - Olivia Gray

Students named in the summer 2021 Vice Chancellor’s List follow (in alphabetical order by city):

Damascus - Angela Smith
Greenbrier - Gina Hernandez
Morrilton - Heather Stumbaugh and Brooke Williams
Mount Vernon - Jamie Patterson


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