3 Transfer Pathways from UACCM to a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

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UACCM holds transfer agreements with universities across the state, guiding graduates with an associate’s degree to their desired career. Among these options, UACCM offers transfer agreements to three universities in the field of accounting—UA Little Rock, the University of Central Arkansas, and Arkansas Tech University.

Learn more about this transfer options below, why they matter, and what students can gain from them.


Gain the Fundamentals at UACCM

UACCM offers an Associate of Science in Business, a two-year degree specifically designed for students planning to transfer to a university. Here is a deep dive on what it includes:

  • This degree includes 62 credit hours—made up of classes needed to fulfill general education requirements and core business and accounting classes.
  • UACCM classes are the core requirements that are needed before taking a university degree’s higher division courses, including introductory classes on communications, business law, accounting, computers, and more.


Small Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes is a prime benefit of attending UACCM, and one that helps those get comfortable with college life.

  • In a smaller class, it’s more difficult for students to hide and get left behind. Having fewer students means that each one can get the attention they need from their teacher. They are also encouraged to take part in discussions and driven to express their opinions.
  • With fewer students per class, individuals can connect more closely with their peers and become more confident and comfortable when it comes to sharing their ideas and perspectives.


Financial Aid Opportunities

There are several financial aid opportunities for students pursuing this degree, including federal, state, and institutional scholarships.

  • UACCM alumni are also generous in their contributions to the UACCM Foundation to provide money for these private scholarships.


Transfer Pro Tip

It’s never too early to make a to-do list. Create a document listing tasks that you need to complete before transferring, such as setting up meetings with transfer advisors or scheduling tours at the transfer university. 


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