UACCM's RN to BSN Transfer Agreement Expands Opportunities for Nursing Students

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At some point, every nurse with an associate degree reaches an important moment in their career. It’s the decision to stay the course, or take a step forward. Whether you’re a RN student preparing for graduation or you’ve been caring for patients for years, we embrace those who choose to go further.

The RN to BSN path can certainly enhance your career. Most importantly, it can elevate your ability to care for your patients and give you a clear voice in the conversation surrounding how best to advance the field of nursing.


UACCM holds 2+2 transfer agreement with UCA

  • This BSN program expands on clinical training and coursework at UACCM. In total, this agreement requires 120 credit hours: minimum 49 at UACCM and remaining 60 at the University of Central Arkansas (40 of which must be upper-division coursework).
  • There are benefits of attending UACCM while pursuing this program thanks to partnerships with UCA. Thanks to the Bear Partners Program, students have a unique opportunity to be active at the UCA campus in Conway. This allow students access to UCA facilities like the library, student physical recreation areas, and other campus resources. You even get a UCA ID.
  • Why it matters: one of the benefits of UACCM is the small campus, but being active with this program can introduce students to the bigger campus environment. 


An Online Pathway for a Working Professional

  • Students perusing this degree at UCA has the flexibility to work while completing the program. This program is designed for the working nurse to complete fully online through full-time or part-time plans of study.
  • This degree shows to have an immediate impact in a nurse’s job performance. BSN courses teach increased skills in communication, critical thinking, and leadership. 


Higher Demand in BSN Nurses

According to the Institutes of Medicine (IOM), more hospitals are working to achieve the highly coveted magnet designation from the American Nursing Association. This means an increased demand in nurses with BSNs, the IOM stated in a 2010 report


Transfer pro tip

To be familiar with the university where you are transferring, get familiar with it by speaking to a transfer advisor. Or you can take a tour of the campus and follow its social media accounts.


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