Countdown to Finals: Stay on Track on Your Study Schedule

Students spread out at different computers in the library

Build Your Workspace

  • Find a space that is comfortable. This can be your home away from distractions, such as roommates, video game consoles, or TV. Sometimes people do better studying in a busy environment like a coffee shop (just be sure that it’s not too noisy).
  • Gather your essential study space items like textbooks, notebooks, a comfortable chair, and a pad of paper.
  • Two words: good lighting. If you can’t see your paper, it will be harder to work and it will make reading more difficult. Natural light is best, but a good desk lamp can make a world of difference as well.

Make Use of the Academic Commons

  •  The Academic Commons is open during finals week and even has updated hours for the weekend: Saturday, December 12: Noon to 4:00 PM; and Sunday, December 13: Noon to 4:00 PM

Create a Schedule and Stick With It

  • Develop a routine throughout finals week by creating an online calendar. With your Microsoft 365 account as a UACCM student, block off times on the calendar app when you need to study.
  • Remember to set aside “you time.” Sitting all day and staring at a textbook can be mentally exhausting. Re-energize by taking a walk outside, or listen to music or a podcast.

Make a List

  • Don’t just make a list on a sticky note. Think about this online tool, Trello, where you can organize your tasks into different categories. This is a perfect tool if you are studying solo or collaborating with a classmate on a project or paper.

Stay Connected

  • Have a question? Don’t hesitate to email your instructor. Helping students is what their passion.
  • Some simply do better studying in a group. Set up a virtual study group on Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, or Facetime.


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