Countdown to Finals: Create a Distraction-Free Study Space

woman looking at a computer screen at a residence

Finals are coming. Between finishing papers and studying, students will need a distraction-free study space to remain productive and complete a successful semester. Need tips? Here are suggestions on how to remove distractions during study time.

Communication: Start talking to your roommates and family members about your expectations. Let them know that finals are coming up, and you will need time and space to work. Let your household members know ahead of time about study sessions and leave reminders throughout finals week via text messaging, sticky notes, or Facetime.

Shut Door Policy: Implement a strict policy at home: if your door is closed, you are studying and shouldn’t be bothered.

Shared Online Calendar: If you have several household members also taking finals, create a shared calendar through your Microsoft 365 account. This will let everyone know what time you’ll be taking your finals and will need a quiet environment. It can help bring more cooperation and less frustration.

Internet Connection: Let your household members know that when preparing and taking finals, you’ll need an optimum internet connection. If you live in a residence where streaming and online gaming diminishes the quality of Internet throughout the household, have a honest conversation about your needs for fast Internet.


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