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Three indivudal portraits of students standing in various campus facilities

Student success and excellence is UACCM’s mission. Driven and passionate, current students and alumni came to UACCM to take a journey with meaning and change their communities. There is no single experience among these excellent scholars, who decided to attend a community college for various reasons. From saving money to enjoying smaller class sizes to studying a trade, UACCM has much to offer. There is no shortage of impressive achievements at UACCM’s campus community. Among them, here are some standouts.


Sarai Ayala is building change for women in STEM

Area of Study: Welding Technology

Sarai Ayala attended UACCM to save money and due to its central location that was close to home. Training in the welding lab, she noted how she was often the only female in class, but she discovered that it motivated her.


Mariana Bragato wants to fight diseases from a medical lab

Area of Study: General Education

Mariana Bragato arrived at UACCM with a career plan: to work in a medical laboratory and combat diseases. Her passion to cure diseases is a deeply personal story, when her father contracted cancer. She has witnessed the toll it has on families and wants to play a role in figuring out the intricacies of the disease.

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Sarah Anne Fulmer sets her goals to teach international relations

Area of Study: General Education, Business

Sarah spends her time at UACCM exploring her passion for political science with plans to teach international relations at a university.


Kristen Gipson prioritized campus leadership


Area of Study: General Education

Kristen Gipson found a home at UACCM as a non-traditional student, and has aspirations to earn her doctorate and dive into social work.


Adan Morales Hernandez found a passion for technology

man standing in front of industrial mechanics equipment

Area of Study: Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Technology

Adan Morales Hernandez immigrated to the United States from Mexico and quickly found an interest in technology. He has not only found a home but has thrived as a student in the industrial mechanics and maintenance technology program at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton.

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Demetrious Jordan wants to change the world with public service

man standing next to window

Area of Study: General Education

Demetrious Jordan, 2019 Alum of the Year, is now attending the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. To get to his accomplishments, he conquered homelessness, worked his way through school.

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Talon Newton will be the voice of sports broadcasting

Area of Study: General Education

Talon Newton came to UACCM because of affordability and smaller class sizes. With aspirations to be gain a communications degree, he plans to earn the Arkansas Transfer Achievement Scholarship to attend the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville while paying UACCM tuition rates.


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