What to Know About UACCM's Reopening

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It’s been almost three months since the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton made the decision to close its doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now, following the guidance of public health offices, state and national government officials, UACCM has reopened its campus to the public with new safety measures.

Below you will find a guide of what you can expect during UACCM’s reopening.


Some alterations to common areas promote safety

These are some of the safety guidelines visitors can expect to see at the UACCM campus: 

  • When visiting offices such as Student Accounts or the Registrar’s Office, visitors will notice plexiglass barriers installed at counters and desks. These help limit contact between the public and staff members, as students come on campus to meet with various campus operations and register for fall classes.
  • Floor markings at six feet apart are also placed at high-traffic areas such as the Student Accounts window inside the University Center lobby.
  • Cleaning and sanitization will increase with the addition of hand sanitizer stations throughout building entrances and in high-traffic areas. 


UACCM employees will wear masks; visitors are encouraged to wear masks

When social distancing is not possible, UACCM employees will wear masks when engaging with each other and the public. UACCM’s phased reopening plan requires employees to wear a face covering when within 6 feet of others. While face masks are not required for visitors and students, UACCM strongly encourages it to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among UACCM’s broad campus community.


Buildings undergo enhanced cleaning

According to the reopening plan, the UACCM custodial staff is committed to enhanced cleaning and more importantly daily sanitizing of high touch-point and common surfaces including classrooms and restrooms. Sanitizing wipes will also be available in classrooms and office areas for students and employees that wish to wipe down an area more frequently.


Administration must approve events with over 50 people in the fall

When the pandemic began, college administration canceled all events; however, the administration will consider proposals for any events and weigh its proposed measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Part of having an operational and vibrant campus is experience inside and outside the classroom for our students. Proper guidelines in place and hygiene standards will be followed and any uncertainty about the health and safety of our campus community will be considered.


Campus services will still be offered virtually

Just as you’ve enjoyed in the past few months, virtual student support services such as Student Development, the Advising Center, the Academic Commons, and more will still be offered through virtual delivery.

In addition to the information on each department’s webpage, these email addresses will be the best way to contact a department with questions.


Some campus buildings will remain closed—tentatively until the fall

The Student Union and Fitness Center will remain closed throughout the summer until further notice. The college plans to reopen both for the fall, as both are integral to student life at UACCM.


UACCM Adult Education in Conway County and Van Buren County are open for testing

UACCM Adult Education facilities in Conway County and Van Buren County will reopen by appointment for testing only. Virtual instruction will continue. Students who attend the sites in Faulkner County and Perry County are encouraged to test at other UACCM facilities if possible. For the health and safety of students and staff, students will be required to wear masks at UACCM Adult Education facilities.


 UACCM daycare services is open to limited enrollment

During the typical school year, children at the Earle Love Child Study Center are engaged in a variety of thematic-style learning units that cover a range of topics—some of which include farm animals, gardening, and weather. Social and emotional skills are taught along with kindergarten-readiness skills for those students getting ready to transition to public school.  Slots are available for children in the toddler class, ages 12 to 36 months, and the preschool class, ages 3-5 years. The hours for the Center are from 7:15 AM to 5:15 PM.

Learn more about Earle Love’s restructured activities HERE.


Thank you for helping us ensure the safety for all when you visit. Visitors who are unable to visit in person can continue to take advantage of virtual services, take a virtual tour of campus facilities, and learn more about what UACCM has to offer.

Learn more about UACCM's COVID-19 response.


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