A Virtual Journey with Meaning: Nine Classes to Take this Summer

painting of women on beach
Eugène Boudin, Women on the Beach at Berck, 1881, Painting

For the first time ever, all summer classes at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton will be taught online. After shifting to virtual instruction during the spring semester due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, UACCM is offering its full array of classes for students during the dog days of summer. 

Online courses on the summer schedule include biology, chemistry, college algebra, oral communication, psychology, sociology, surveying, world literature, and many more. There’s no shortage of opportunities for UACCM students to keep the momentum of their education.

From mastering the Linux operating system to digging deep into social problems in society to connecting art and history, here are nine summer classes to fit into your schedule of hiking and going to the lake:

Art Appreciation

As much as a powerful speech or great architecture, visual art provides a snapshot of a culture at that moment. The Art Appreciation class is an introductory survey of the visual arts, which contextualizes art to the conditions of a society. Under the guidance of Art Instructor Rachel Trusty, students will evaluate a selection of significant works, the role of art in various cultures, and the history of art.

With these pieces locked away in museums or inside distant palaces, temples, or other cultural heritage sites, this class fits well with learning in the digital age.

Introduction of Chemistry for Health Related Professions

Designed specifically for students in health-related fields, such as nursing and emergency medical technician, this introductory course in chemistry is a marriage between traditional and online learning. A synchronous class is where the instructor and students are online at the same time. Taught by Dr. Michael Dequeant, the class will leave students with the fundamentals of chemistry such as the structure and composition of the atom, the elements, chemical reactions, and more.

computer screen with code
Computer information systems student will have the option to take Introduction to Linux, Network Security, and more classes this summer.

Introduction to Linux

What is Linux? It’s an operating system just like Windows, iOS, or MacOS. With this class, Tosha Bradley will guide students in the computer information systems program through the concepts of Linux. She will also prepare them for the Comp/TIA Linux+ certification exam. At the end of the class, students will be able to install, maintain, and troubleshoot problems in the operating system.

Network Security

Every organization has a network to connect devices and store information that is often proprietary or private. The goal of Network Security is to study the different types of protocols and software.  The class will also cover policies, disaster recover, application security, and more. Taught by Jim Isom, this course covers the objectives of the Security+ exam provided by CompTIA.

collection of produce on store shelf
One of the goals of the Nutrition course is to compare food needs at various stages of the human lifespan.


As society places a larger emphasis on public health, there is an increasing demand on nutrition professionals. Instructor Erin Aylor will lead a discussion on the science, principles, and application of nutrition for all age groups. Aylor will explain factors in the development of eating habits, go over the functions of water in the human body, and compare food needs at various stages of the human lifespan. She will also place an emphasis on food security and the accessibility of nutritious foods to US consumers. 

Personal Finance

Before entering the workforce, business students need a grasp on handling their own personal finances. Business Instructor Linda Zambrano provides students with the fundamental concepts of personal financial planning. The course emphasizes concepts such as credit and cash management, insurance coverage, investments, retirement, and estate planning.

Psychology of Human Development

How do humans change as they grow older? Cody Davis, psychology instructor and director of UACCM’s Student Development department, will guide students through theories of growth and development of people throughout an entire lifespan. Students will analyze the development of personality, explore the role of environment in a person’s life, and learn about aspects of the aging process.

Social Problems

In this Summer I course, Sociology Instructor Dane Blanchard will walk through contemporary social issues and consider possible causes and solutions. Students will explore how these problems impact personal lives, knock down misleading stereotypes and myths, and have the ability to discuss them. Blanchard also wants students to also think about and understand problem ownership, whether it’s personal or systemic blame.

Supervisory Management

Have you wanted to grow into a supervisory role? Within UACCM’s business program, the Supervisory Management class is designed to develop management decision-making skills. Business Instructor Cindy Thompson will walk students through the study of organizational structures, management styles, and the functions of management.

Whether it’s a business, a government agency, or a nonprofit—a supervisor has to juggle different tasks in the workplace, such as organizing workflow, leading people, and managing human resources.


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