1098-T Statements for Tax Year 2019 Are Now Available

1098-T Statements for Tax Year 2019 are now available. If you received aid or paid out of pocket for any tuition and fees during Calendar Year 2019 (January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019) you may be eligible to receive a 1098-T Tax Tuition Statement from UACCM.

1098-T statements can be found on http://1098tforms.com/.

Please click on either “returning student login” if you used the website last year, or “to student enrollment page” if this is your first time on the website.

Additional Instructions to download your 1098t form can be found here: http://1098tforms.com/instructions/

The 1098-T Tax Tuition Statement will summarize charges, payments and aid received during calendar year 2019.

Depending on your income (or your family’s income, if you are a dependent), whether you are considered full or half-time enrolled, and the amount of your qualified educational expenses for the year, you may be eligible for a federal education tax credit. (You can find detailed information about claiming education tax credits at https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-form-1098-t )

The dollar amounts reported on your Form 1098-T may assist you in completing IRS Form 8863 – the form used for calculating the education tax credits that a taxpayer may claim as part of your tax return.

UACCM will report payments made by the student for tuition and fees in Box 1. UACCM will report any adjustments from prior year reporting in Box 4. UACCM will report the total amount of scholarships and grants for tuition and fees in box 5. UACCM will report any adjustments to prior year scholarships and grants in Box 6.

UACCM is unable to provide you with individual tax advice, but should you have questions, you should seek the counsel of an informed tax preparer or adviser.


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