Nine Reasons to Join the Honors Program

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The UACCM Honors Program is accepting new students in spring 2020—with a deadline of January 1 to apply. Designed for students with a passion for academic excellence, the Honors Program provides exclusive learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. 

Here are nine reasons to join the Honors Program: 

Service Learning: Students have the opportunities to apply their classwork in the field and serve the community in some way.

Individual Research: Students can explore their personal interests in a field by producing research and contributing their voice and opinion in a discipline. 

Smaller Class Sizes: With smaller class sizes, students can contribute more in classroom discussion and get more attention from faculty. 

Honors Distinction: When applying for a job or a university, listing admission into the Honors Program can set you apart from other applicants.

Study Abroad Opportunities: Students can learn about cultures and civics of other countries.

Close-Knit Student Community: In the Honors Program, all of the students are committed to learning. These relationships are the kind that can last a lifetime. 

Connect with Faculty: UACCM faculty members are scholars or practitioners, and there’s a lot students can learn from them.

Leadership Training: Being part of a smaller community can allow students more freedom to take charge and get experience at leading a group on academic tasks. 

University Preparation: Think of the experience in the Honors Program as preparation for your bachelor’s degree or later graduate school.

For more information about the Honors Program and the qualifications needed to join, go to


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