New Policy Means Earlier Pell Grant Refunds

The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton is implementing a new policy regarding the refunds of Pell Grants, which allows students to receive their checks earlier. Nearly 800 eligible students will receive their Pell Grant refunds on January 13, 2020—the first day of classes for the spring 2020 semester—instead of the traditional date weeks after classes begin. 

The early refunds aims to support students who need to use their Pell Grants to cover tuition, textbooks, and other supplies. Only those students who completed all of their financial aid paperwork before the deadline will be able to receive an early refund.

In an email sent to those eligible students, Vice Chancellor of Student Services Darren Jones offered these tips to make this policy change as easy and smooth as possible.
  •  Make any changes to your spring 2020 class schedule before January 7, 2020.  This could affect your refund and/or cause you to owe money to UACCM:
  •  Between January 2 and 7, you should charge your books, supplies, Big Cuppa cards, testing fees, and PTK memberships to your financial aid, if applicable. If you don’t, it could affect your refund and/or cause you to owe money to UACCM.
  • At the end of the fall 2019 semester, we will be reviewing student status such as Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), Academic Suspension, and satisfactorily completion of any required pre-requisite courses. Simply stated, your fall 2019 grades and GPA may impact your early refund eligibility.
  • If you owe a balance for the fall semester, you will not be eligible for an early refund and could be dropped from your spring classes. Go to Student Accounts in the University Center to resolve this issue.
  • Go to class! Make sure you attend all your spring 2020 classes. Your final financial aid award eligibility is based on your attendance in class. Failure to attend will affect your refund and/or cause you to owe money to UACCM.
For more information or if students need to ask questions, contact the Financial Aid office at (501) 977-2055 or email


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