10 Things to Know about the CIS Program

students with computers
Students in a CIS lab.
As the demand for more computer science jobs continues to rise, UACCM’s Computer Information Science (CIS) program continues several distinctive benefits for students wishing to enter the field.

Here are 10 things to know about the CIS program:

1. Hands-on Training 
Ready to expand your knowledge of computer science? Along with instruction about theory in the computer science field, much of the work is done in a laboratory setting. Students get hands-on training on topics including maintaining databases, Linux, network security, and so much more. 

2. We Teach Hacking (Yep, really) 
Ethical Hacking and Network Defense is a new class offered at UACCM and one that is critical for computer science students. Companies, government entities, and private citizens are more and more concerned with hacking, and this class teaches students how hackers infiltrate. Instead of maintaining a perimeter defense, network security has evolved to developing the means to kick intruders out of a network. The only way to really defeat hackers is to learn how to think like them and understand their methods.

3. Make Mobile Apps
Mobile apps has taken over the daily activities of people. Many have helpful. Others are just for entertainment. Where would we be without apps like Spotify, Bleacher Report, Netflix, social media, or the scores of current events publications? UACCM’s Mobile Application Development class is a fun one to enroll in and teaches the important elements to consider when designing apps.

4. Learn Programming Languages
You can broaden your knowledge of the theory, design, and implementation of programming languages. UACCM teaches C# Sharp and Javascript, and that’s important. Consistently, these are employers’ two most in-demand languages according to studies.

5. Build Computers
Professionals in the field sometimes have to construct computers to meet a certain need of the workplace. Or maybe you just want to be able to build that perfect computer for gaming, designing, or video editing. The CIS program has specialized courses on software and hardware, which helps students prepare for the Comp/TIA A+ certification examination.

6. Degrees and Certificates – Options Aplenty 
The program provides options ranging from an Associate of Applied Science to a Technical Certificate to a Certificate of Proficiency. These pathways cater to students with different goals.
  • An Associate of Applied Science is a two-year degree that gives students the chance to master more aspects of the field. This degree is designed for students to enter the workforce or gain more higher education.
  • A Technical Certificate are for the go-getters who want to enter the workforce right away.
  • A Certificate of Proficiency in either computer maintenance or networking technology are nine-hour curriculums that are designed to give current professionals a pathway to expand their knowledge of the field.
7. Internships Are Resume Builders
Are you worried about not getting enough experience before the BIG job hunt? CIS internships place students in companies and organizations, where they get the kind of training that classrooms can’t always replicate. Students often leave internships with valuable experience and job references. 

8. Web Design
Do you think you will need to create and maintain websites? The CIS program teaches student how to develop an effective website using popular Web design languages like HTML and CSS, as well as design techniques.

9. Flexibility in Class Options
We understand that everyone must balance work, family, and life with school. That’s why the CIS program offers in-person classes in the day or evening, and online classes.

10. A Well-Stocked Lab
By The Numbers: There are 48 work stations, 7 servers, and disc storage of 27 terabytes.


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