Student Development Offers Services for Academic Success

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As you prepare for the fall semester you may need more than pencils, notebooks, and a laptop. Now is a great time to utilize the services below to make sure you're prepared for college. These services are provided FREE of charge to you as a UACCM student. The below questions can guide you to what may be beneficial to your academic success:

Are you confident in your choice of major or do you plan to transfer to a 4 year institution?
  • Career Planning can help you pick out a major based upon your interest, skills, and personality.
  • If you're transferring it's important to take the right courses. We can help ensure you're on the right path.
Do you struggle with organization, procrastination, study skills or test anxiety?
  • Our Student Readiness program helps to work through and strengthen your weaknesses as a student.
  • It's much easier to maintain a good grade than to improve a bad grade. Get started before you get behind!
Do you have a documented disability or receive an IEP or 504 in high school?
  • College Accommodations are designed to remove the barriers you may face because of your disability.
  • In college it's up to you to seek these services out. We encourage students to sign up for accommodations early.
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, make an appointment with the Student Development office. You can do this online at the Student Development Portal Tab, calling 501-977-2095, or dropping by Room 204 in the Business Technology Center.


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