How to Navigate Campus Culture

Are you a new student and wondering how you can thrive at UACCM? We have the answers to some of the most common questions we hear. 
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UACCM offers a thriving environment to learn, lead, and grow.
How many majors does UACCM have, and where can I find them? 

There are so many options, and that’s a good thing. College is a place where you can explore your interests or discover new ones. UACCM has 11 programs of study that you can find here. Whether you’re looking to get an associate’s degree or enter a career-specific program, UACCM has something that fits what you’re looking for.

And what about those who are undecided on a major? That’s common—and we want to help you figure out the best program for you that fits your goals. Along with speaking with your advisor, there is the UACCM Student Development office that can offer help. The staff at Student Development offers career planning services that are designed to help students develop a career plan by exploring their career core.

Care to watch a video? Explore the various programs at our YouTube channel.

Career Services. The Registrar. What does any of that mean? 
College lingo can be strange, but it’s important for you to learn it. Your life will be so much easier as a college student. One way you can do this is by exploring the website and reading about UACCM’s various services. Before you know it, you will master how to enroll for next semester, keep track of your degree path, and more.
And find an advocate. Look for someone on campus who you feel comfortable asking questions. It may be your instructor, a staff member, or your advisor. Just find them! UACCM is full of students who found the one person who made the difference for them.

How can I make friends in college? What is there to do?
There are several ways, and here are a few suggestions. Connect with your classmates, go to the Student Union, work out at the fitness room, grab a cup of coffee at Big Cuppa, join student organizations, and of course, attend social events.
Plus, UACCM students benefit from being located near one of Arkansas’s greatest natural resources: Petit Jean State Park. Not to mention there’s convenient access to nearby cities like Little Rock, Conway, and Russellville, so that opens up a slew of possibilities of things to do.
One thing you should always remember is that every student on campus has something in common: your commitment to achieve at college. If you think about it, you are all in this together. This is the time when you can make lifelong friends—you only need to be active to do it.

What should I expect on a college campus?
Short answer: everything.
Long answer: Colleges tend to be melting pots of diversity. Students, faculty, and staff come from different backgrounds. From ethnic groups to religions to socioeconomic makeups to sexual orientations, you will encounter different ways that make up a person’s identity. You can benefit from a diverse and inclusive campus as you prepare for a four-year-university or a workplace. Learning about new ideas is part of your education as much as classwork.

I’m taking an online course. How can I succeed at it?
Don’t let your online class slip to the back burner. Online courses offer convenience that many college students need. But online courses can pose challenges if you don’t treat it like an in-person class and practice good time management skills. To look at ways at improving them, UACCM Student Development services offers resources and workshops that can help you.

How am I going to pay to stay in college?
This is something that all students must answer, but UACCM is here to help you. There are financial aid, scholarships, and work study options to consider: It’s important to plan ahead to meet deadlines, and it wouldn’t hurt to speak to someone on the Financial Aid staff if you have specific questions.
Also remember that UACCM basic tuition rates are much lower than a four-year university. You are in a good place if you are looking to graduate with a degree without a mountain of crippling debt.
To learn more about financial aid options, go to


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