Holocaust Posters on Exhibit at E. Allen Gordon Library

text panels on wall
The Holocaut Exhibit on display at the E. Allen Gordan Library.

When you visit the E. Allen Gordon Library, you will see a new exhibit on display about the Holocaust. 

As the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton hosted its annual Holocaust Survivor Series featuring Alfred M├╝nzer, students have an opportunity to explore more about the genocide of six million Jewish men, women, and children. The posters originated from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum based out of Washington, D.C., and covers a broad history. 

text panels on wall
Poster exhibit on display, E. Allen Gordon Library
"Bringing in exhibitions curated by historians and other experts helps us create a space where exploration is continued on the students' terms—where they can engage with something that encourages critical thinking and social awareness," said Kristen Cooke, the library director. "Exhibits such as these allow us to bring world issues and trends to the student's doorstep. This exhibition is particularly powerful because it contains 21 panels of compelling images that chronicle the beginning of the Nazi invasion up to the 'the Final Solution.'"

A display shelf with UACCM Library materials joins the exhibit, featuring books about the Holocaust—including histories and a nonfiction, graphic novel—and are available for students to check out. Because the Holocaust spanned across the European continent and affected millions of people, many perspectives about the Jewish struggle are available to explore.

"I view the library as a dynamic space where the learning and collaboration that begins in the classroom is continued," Cooke said. 

Books on shelf
The UACCM Library has several books on the Holocaust, covering a variety of perspectives. 


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