Questions with Counselor Cody Davis


Cody Davis, director of UACCM Counseling and Disability Services, answers questions about the upcoming workshops on time management and procrastination, and how students can now set up appointments online.  

The UACCM Counseling & Disability Services will offer workshops throughout the semester about various topics, aimed to help UACCM students enhance their academic skills, offer career advice, and manage the daily stresses of college. The 50-minute workshops will take place throughout the week and are offered at times to accommodate busy schedules.

The first series of workshops will also include a drawing for a $100 gift card to Walmart.

Who can attend the workshop?
Any enrolled UACCM student may attend – part time, full time, and concurrent students are all welcome.

When & where are the workshops being provided?
This workshop will be located in the Library Complex in room 201. We’re offering it for 5 days and 4 different times in hopes that students can attend.

Why are you offering this workshop and why those times?
Last semester we did a survey asking about what students needed from our department and what days/times worked best for their schedule. We took that input and developed 6 workshops to meet student needs at a variety of times.

You’re giving away daily prizes as well as a large drawing at the end of the semester?
Yes! We’re very excited to offer students an opportunity to win a prize. We’ve partnered with Student Activities on campus to offer these prizes. At each workshop, we will give away winner’s choice of one regular-size drink from Big Cuppa’s UACCM location to a student who attends. Rules for the $100 Walmart Gift Card:
  • Must be a current UACCM student 
  • One entry per student for each type of workshop they attend (limit one entry per topic)
  • Gain multiple entries by attending the different workshops offered throughout the semester

What is something that you hope students take from this workshop?
If students are anything like me they procrastinate a lot. My personality type is not the most organized. I hope they will become aware of why they’re procrastinating, realize they have power in their lives to create change and learn how to organize themselves through setting goals each day, week, and month.

Why has your office decided to let students schedule online?
In the past students have had to walk in, call, or email. Asking for help can be intimidating and we want to make sure every student feels as comfortable as possible when seeking our services. Scheduling online removes the barrier of waiting for an email, having to leave a voicemail, or going out of your way to come by our office. In short, we believed that this was a more student centered approach and students would like it.

How far in advance can students make appointments?
Students can make appointments up to 7 days in advance at any time by going to the Counseling Tab via the UACCM Portal.

What if the day/time I need isn’t available?
We ask you give us a call. While scheduling online is convenient it’s not perfect and our staff will be happy to work with you to find a day/time to meet your needs.

What if students schedule an appointment but need to cancel or reschedule?
They can do this online, call or email us and we’d be happy to reschedule them.

Do you believe students will benefit by scheduling appointments online?
I hope so. You can do anything online now. When I first started my bank account I had to physically go to the location to deposit a check or transfer money. Now I can do it all through an app on my phone. Why shouldn’t students be able to do the same when they need help in college?


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