Anxious About College? It's Okay

Welcome Back

A Note From Counseling & Disability Services

Cody Davis, Director of Counseling & Disability Services  

If you’re a returning student, welcome back, and if you’re a new student, welcome. UACCM is glad to have you here either way. College was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life – classes, social engagement, and homework filled my time and my life. As my daughter experiences her first year in college I see this in her, and I see it in all of our students here at UACCM. Something else that I saw in myself and our students here at UACCM is stress and figuring out how to integrate college into their lives. College requires time and energy, and it’s difficult to give it what it needs especially if you work or have a family. I wasn’t aware of what it took to be a successful college student and as a result lost scholarships and almost didn’t make it back my second year. 

Education changed my life and with some hard work I believe that it can change yours as well. I’m proud to work in higher education, and most importantly, I’m proud to work at UACCM. UACCM is invested in your success and our office is a testament to that. I plan to write more content for this blog throughout the semester but for now I’d like to invite you to look at our services. You may not need them now but if you do they’re here, they’re helpful, and most importantly they don’t cost you anything like most universities. 

Personal Counseling 

UACCM recognizes that what affects you on the outside of class can definitely affect you on the inside of class. We have two licensed counselors to help you with what’s going on. As a UACCM student you qualify for 12 free sessions of personal counseling. Sessions are confidential in nature and most students benefit from 4 – 8 sessions. 

Let’s Talk

Not all students need multiple sessions. Sometimes an event happens and you just need some help. Let’s Talk is designed to give college students a one-on-one confidential consultation to help with specific arising problems. 

Career Counseling

A college degree is an investment. Invest in it wisely by making sure that the degree and career you choose fit your personality, interest, and skill set. You can take our assessments online via our UACCM Portal Tab. These are completely free to you as a student. 

Educational Counseling 

When I started here several years ago we had nothing to help students within the classroom. I’m proud to say now that we do and it works! Students that utilize educational counseling improve their GPA and become better students. Come learn about yourself and how to manage your time, take notes, and study better. 

Disability Services

We work with students every semester to offer individualized accommodation plans to help students have equal access. If you had a 504 or IEP in high school and would like to talk about accommodations we’d be happy to help. 

Each semester we also offer programming – be on the lookout for workshops. Students always discuss how beneficial they are!


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