UACCM Announces Fall 2016 Graduates

227 students received 289 awards between December 5 and December 13, 2016 during the fall semester graduation ceremonies at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton. The awards included 156 associate degrees, 16 certificates of general studies, 50 certificates of proficiency and 67 technical certificates.

Friends and family members gathered in UACCM’s Fine Arts Auditorium for five nights as graduates collected their awards from UACCM faculty and staff. Special guests who attended select ceremonies include University of Arkansas System President Dr. Donald R. Bobbitt, along with UACCM Board of Visitors members Doug Brandon, Paulette Smith, Joe Canady, Susan Gunderman.

Among those who graduated at the end of the fall 2016 semester were 29 students from Conway County, 102 from Faulkner County, 19 from Perry County, 32 from Pope County, 11 from Van Buren County, 14 from Yell County and 20 from other counties. The following graduates, listed alphabetically by city, received awards: 

(AA – Associate of Arts; AS – Associate of Science; AAS – Associate of Applied Science; ASE – Associate of Science in Education; ASB – Associate of Science in Business; AGS – Associate of General Studies; TC – Technical Certificate; CP – Certificate of Proficiency; CGS – Certificate of General Studies)

Terrell Bird – Petroleum Technology (AAS, TC, CP); Industrial Mechanics & Maintenance Technology (TC, CP)
Victoria Rainey (AGS)
Shannon Williams – General Education (AA)

Jimmy Bratton – (ASE); General Education (AA)
Megan Ewton – Early Childhood Development (TC, CP)
Michael Fultz – Petroleum Technology (TC)
Christan Poulton – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)
Maris Rodgers – Practical Nursing (TC)

Brenton Buckman (CGS)
Jodi Catlett (CGS)

Christie Oliver – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Courtney Baxter – (AGS, CGS)
Cody Brunson – Surveying (TC)
Magen Dielmann – General Education (AA)
Cassity Gipson (CGS)
Tara Gosnell – (AGS, CGS)
Shaun Hays – Computer Information Systems Technology (TC); Computer Maintenance (CP); Networking Technology (CP)
Emily Herman – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)
Andrea Rappold – Early Childhood Development (CP)
Samantha Stane – Registered Nursing (AAS)
James Thomas – Automotive Service Technology (AAS, TC)

Steven Perdue – Computer Information Systems Technology (TC); Computer Maintenance (CP); Networking Technology (CP)
Derek Schubert – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Lauran Wells – General Education (AA)

Center Ridge
Eric Howard – Petroleum Technology (AAS); Industrial Mechanics & Maintenance Technology (TC, CP)
Jennifer McFarland – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Shelby Osteen – General Education (AA)
Trudy Rappold – General Education (AA); Liberal Arts (AS)

Bertha McWilliams – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Shanna Routh – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Alicia Ingram – Early Childhood Development (TC)

Pamela Caltrider (CGS)
Shayla Gray – Early Childhood Development (CP)
Jacob Lawrence – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)
Zachary McEntire – Networking Technology (CP)
Kara Snider – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Charity Vermeulen – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Jose Aguilar – Automotive Collision Repair Technology (TC)
Austin Baker – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Jacob Barrett – Emergency Medical Technician (CP)
Ashley Beck – Petroleum Technology (AAS, TC)
Logan Beck – General Education (AA)
Lancelot Belgrave – Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology (AAS)
Ashley Bernard (ASB)
Bryton Booher – General Education (AA)
Katelyn Boyd – General Education (AA)
Carson Bramlett – General Education (AA)
Charice Bryant – Practical Nursing (TC)
Jasmin Burton – Early Childhood Development (TC)
Kerry Causey – Practical Nursing (TC)
Maya Clarke – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Jordan Cost – Automotive Service Technology (AAS)
Jana Davenport – Computer Maintenance (CP)
Jesse Davenport – Networking Technology (CP)
Keri Diemer (AGS)
Erika Dison – Business, Accounting Option (AAS)
Kayla Earnest – General Education (AAS)
Stephanie Evans – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Danielle Floyd – Business (TC)
Madison Foster – General Education (AA)
Selena Garcia (AGS)
James Garner – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Brandon George – Petroleum Technology (AAS, TC, CP); Industrial Mechanics & Maintenance Technology (TC, CP)
Brandi Glover – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Joshua Guidry – Drafting (AAS)
William Gwatney – Computer Information Systems Technology (TC); Networking Technology (CP)
Robert Halter – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Amanda Hickman – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)
Cassandra Hulbert – Computer Maintenance (CP)
Anthony Jackson (AGS)
Jacob Johnson – Automotive Service Technology (AAS)
Demetrious Jordan – General Education (AA)
Adamou Kamaye – Petroleum Technology (AAS, TC, CP)
Raymond Kelley – Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology (AAS)
Mariela Landa Cruz – Business (TC); Business, Business Office Technology Option (AAS)
Chasity Linville (AGS)
Catherine Lyons – General Education (AA)
Jorge Maldonado – Computer Maintenance (CP)
Christina McDaniel – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Sara McEntire – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Stewart McGee – Computer Maintenance (CP)
Edith Mendoza – Business (TC); Business, Business Office Technology Option (AAS)
Becky Miller – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Ethan Moore – General Education (AA)
Rebecca Moore – Early Childhood Development (TC)
Samuel Morris – Air Conditioning, Heating, & refrigeration Technology (TC)
River Oaks (ASE)
Felicia Olson – General Education (AA)
Brittany Patrick (CGS)
Quantaris Pettis – Welding (TC, CP); Pipe Welding (CP)
Tessa Pitchford – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Allyson Ponder (ASE)
Stephanie Roberts – General Education (AA)
Joseph Ryan – Liberal Arts (AS)
Christian Salazar – Computer Information Systems Technology (TC)
Shawn Schichtl – Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology (AAS, TC)
Devin Sherrill (CGS)
Alyssa Slusser – Welding (TC, CP); Pipe Welding (CP)
Dylan Smith – Computer Maintenance (CP)
Kevionna Smith – Early Childhood Development (AAS)
Megan Smith – Liberal Arts (AS)
Nathaniel Smith – Automotive Technology (TC)
Nathan Snow – (AGS); Computer Maintenance (CP); Computer Information Systems Technology (TC, AAS)
Alana Sterling – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)
Jordan Stubbs – Welding (TC, CP); Pipe Welding (CP)
Jessica Sundine (AGS)
Samantha Underwood – General Education (AS)
Zachary Venable – Petroleum Technology (AAS)
Diana Vintila – Practical Nursing (TC)
Joshua Walker (ASB)
Lauren Wren – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Kali Wright (CGS)

Branson Hall – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Kristin Minnie – General Education (AA)
Courtney Roe – Practical Nursing (TC)

Diana Bonilla Rivera – Liberal Arts (AS)
Mirna Mata – General Education (AA)
Steven Mendez – Networking Technology (CP)
Amber Wheeler – General Education (AA)
Robin Wolfe (AGS)
Stephanie Wood – General Education (AA)

Teresa Mefford – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Lakynn Noblett – General Education (AA)

Christina Varner (CGS)

David Joshua Andrews – Automotive Collision Repair Technology (TC)
Denim Barton – General Education (AA)
Carolyn Besley – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Michael Bolding – Automotive Service Technology (AAS)
Katelyn Carter – Early Childhood Development (TC)
John Davis – Liberal Arts (AS)
Kelly Dickens – Practical Nursing (TC)
Mariah Gillihan – General Education (AA)
Zane Lemanski – Practical Nursing (TC)
Dylan Linn – Liberal Arts (AS)
Quincey Powell – General Education (AA)
Marc Roberts – Petroleum Technology (AAS); Industrial Mechanics & Maintenance Technology (TC, CP)
Maggie Rose – General Education (AA)
Harold Smith – Welding (TC, CP); Pipe Welding (CP)
Patrick Staggs – Drafting (AAS)
Samantha Stephens – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Charli Strong (ASE)
Ashley Zinn – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)

William Luyet (TC; Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology)

LeDeedra Jackson (AGS)

Danielle Erdelen – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Johnny Ring – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Heber Springs
Nathan Xiques – Surveying (AAS, TC)

Sarah Burgener – Business, Accounting Option (AAS)
Amber Koster – General Education (AA)
William Nichols – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Melissa Hendrickson – General Education (AA)

Taylor Crawford – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Amber Koster – General Education (AA)

Austin Nahlen – Business, Retail Marketing Option (AAS)

Alyssa Watson – Practical Nursing (TC)

Branda Dugan – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)
William Gray – Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology (AAS, TC)

Justin Elliott – Surveying (AAS)

Crystal Thomas – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Wesley James – (AGS), General Education (AA)
Ashley Wilson (CGS)

Susan Carter – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Caitlyn Cooksey (ASE)
Ashley Curtis – General Education (AA)
Mandy Decker – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Heather Foster (CGS)
Classie Guenther – Emergency Medical Technician (CP)
Haley Hoelzeman – Early Childhood Development (CP)
Amanda LeMacks – Liberal Arts (AS)
Melissa Owens-Fleetwood – Welding (TC, CP); Pipe Welding (CP)
Lindsey Turner – Emergency Medical Technician (CP)
Matthew Welcher (AGS)
Robert Williamson – Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology (AAS, TC)
Priscilla Wilson – Practical Nursing (TC)

Mount Vernon
Rachel Fleming – Liberal Arts (AS)

North Little Rock
Rachael Bain (ASE)
Donna Carter – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Benjamin Martin – Petroleum Technology (AAS, TC, CP)
Wilda Thomas – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Helen Stewart – Petroleum Technology (TC)

Brittney Baskin – Practical Nursing (TC)

Brandi Edmunds – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Tiffany Hubbard – Liberal Arts (AS)
Courtney Riley (AGS, CGS)

Shawna Clayton – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Luis Ocampo – Drafting (TC)

Rachael Loomis – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Natalie Sims (CGS)
Mary Volz – Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology (TC)

Michelle Moats – Emergency Medical Technician (CP)

Deborah Arnold – Early Childhood Development (CP)
Andrea Clemons – General Education (AA)
James Smiley – Welding (TC, CP); Pipe Welding (CP)

Anthony Freeman – Drafting (AAS)
Morgan Tackett (AGS)

Rose Bud
Madelyn Murphree – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)

Kevin Abrams – Computer Information Systems Technology (AAS)

Cheryl Branch – Emergency Medical Technician (CP)
Jocelyn Coats – Practical Nursing (TC)
Tabitha Conn – General Education (AA)
Lena Couch – Business, Accounting Option (AAS)
Pamalla Duvall – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Anthony Fane – Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology (AAS, TC)
Megan Gomez – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Jessica Guevara (ASB)
Hali Harper – Practical Nursing (TC)
Ariel Hayes – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Mikeilah Heathcoat – Emergency Medical Technician (CP)
Renee Heathcoat – Emergency Medical Technician (CP)
Laura Iracheta – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Cynthia Mathews – Practical Nursing (TC)
Alicia Metcalf – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Sidney Pipkin – (CSG); General Education (AA)
Andrew Robinson – Business, Retail marketing Option (AAS)
Twylia Weatherall (AGS)

Kelsey Love – General Education (AA)

Cameron Angerman – Surveying (AAS)
Mary Duke – Liberal Arts (AS)
Katherine Dunham – Registered Nursing (AAS)

Marcy Sisemore – Registered Nursing (AAS)
Natalie Gregory - Registered Nursing (AAS)

Nicholas Andrews – Networking Technology (CP)
Kelley Baker – Practical Nursing (TC)
Gabriel Rodelo – Computer Maintenance (CP); Networking Technology (CP)
Natalie Shipp – Early Childhood Development (CP)

Whitney Harrod – General Education (AA)
Alysa Hollingsworth – (AGS); Practical Nursing (TC)


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