Ms. UACCM Pageant Winner Announced

The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton held its ninth annual Ms. UACCM Pageant on November 7, 2015, sponsored by the student organization Phi Beta Lambda.  The winners for each division are listed below.
For the Miss UACCM division, winners were: Miss UACCM, Haley Pontius; first runner-up, Natalie Prall; second runner-up, Madelyn Roper; third runner-up, Mykayla Robertson; and fourth runner-up, McKenzie Baxter.  Miss UACCM, Haley Pontius, received a $1,000 scholarship to UACCM, and first runner-up, Natalie Prall, received a $500 scholarship.

For the Teen Miss UACCM division, winners were: Teen Miss UACCM, Rachel Prall; first runner-up, Kailey Crocker; second runner-up, Taylor Bess; and third runner-up Akala Marcial.

For the Princess Miss UACCM division, winners were: Princess Miss UACCM, Maddison Ratcliff; first runner-up, Addison Wyatt; second runner-up, Jadyn Carson; and third runner-up Barelyn McDaniel.

For the Pre-TeenMiss UACCM division, winners were: Pre-Teen Miss UACCM, Leanna Pettry; and first runner-up, Madison Hamilton.

For the Little Miss UACCM division, winners were: Little Miss UACCM, Abigail Skinner; first runner-up, Lexie Maple; second runner-up, Elisa' Trudell; and third runner-up, Jayla Fowler; and fourth runner-up, Carsyn Hardy.

For the Petite Miss UACCM division, winners were: Petite Miss UACCM, Zoila English; first runner-up, Jasey Davis; second runner-up, Susanna Pettry; and third runner-up, Raelee Pyzer; and fourth runner-up, Zahrya Hodges.

For the Tiny Miss UACCM division, winners were: Tiny Miss UACCM, Huntlei Jones; and first runner-up, Logan Smith.

For the Baby Miss UACCM division, winners were: Baby Miss UACCM, Sophia Smith; first runner-up, Mia Rosas; and second runner-up, Haley Jackson, third runner-up, Jaxie King; and fourth runner-up, Ashlyn Rhoads.

UACCM’s Phi Beta Lambda would like to thank all the contestants who participated in the pageant, as well as their parents, all attendees, and the pageant judges for donating their time.


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