UACCM Adult Education Center Fall Semester has begun.

Did you know that in addition to traditional college classes and community education classes UACCM offers adult education classes?
The UACCM Adult Education Center has begun the 2015 fall semester and you are invited to look through our programs to find one that is right for you. Whether the goal is to earn a GED, strengthen basic skills for college or job placement, earn certificates of competency for career readiness, or to improve speaking and reading skills the Adult Education Center is available to help you succeed.
The Center now offers the new GED test administered by computer with a discounted $16 testing fee. Students who complete the GED program will receive a tuition waiver scholarship for a 3-hour college class at UACCM and may also be eligible for a full tuition scholarship to UACCM.

The center provides TABE testing for Workforce, Keytrain, and Career Readiness with certificates provided to show proof of success to potential employers. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are also offered for students whose first language is something other than English. College-prep courses are available to students whose COMPASS test scores indicate a need for college remediation courses. In addition, various programs in the computer lab will allow students to practice their skills at their own pace and receive feedback that will build their knowledge in many content areas.

To start on your road to success, visit the UACCM Adult Education Center. All instructional programs are free, and the schedule is flexible. The Adult Education Center is located at 600 North St. Joseph St. in Morrilton. Phone 501-215-4904 or visit for more information.


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