Morrilton Fire Dept. Volunteer Cody Hill shows the children
all the gear that firefighters wear.
Morrilton Fire Department volunteers Cody Hill and Johnathan Trafford visited the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton’s Earle Love Child Study Center on Thursday, Oct. 24.

They brought a fire truck and spoke to the children about fire safety.

Hill told the kids what to do in case of a fire including ways to help fire fighters find them more easily. He then put on his full gear, since a fireman in full regalia can be intimidating to children, to show them that they should never be afraid of a firefighter.

Trafford showed the kids the fire truck along with all the tools and hoses they keep on board. He also gave the children fire hats and badges and let each child hold a fire hose nozzle to practice putting out a pretend fire.

Karen Fielder, director of the child study center, said, “We are grateful that our fire department volunteers set aside time to show children the importance of fire safety. Familiarizing the kids with the gear and tools used by fire fighters can help save lives in a disastrous situation. The staff and kids at the Earle Love Child Study Center want to thank our fire department volunteers for their visit.”

Johnathan Trafford, Morrilton Fire Dept. volunteer, let each
child practice using a fire hose.
Fielder and the staff of the child study center make an effort to teach children valuable life skills beyond their day-to-day classroom activities.

In addition to visits from firemen, police officers also frequent the child study center to help better acquaint children with emergency personnel and to teach them how to react in emergency situations. Other visitors and activities are scheduled throughout the year to show children the importance of health, safety, and philanthropy.

For more information about the Earle Love Child Study Center, call 501-977-2018.


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