Spring 2013 Student Recognition Awards Ceremony Honorees

Faculty and staff of the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton gathered on April 25 to honor distinguished students at this year’s Student Recognition Awards Ceremony. Students were joined by their families and peers as they were recognized for their achievements.

Earlier in the semester, students were nominated by faculty and staff for distinguished awards in their fields of study. Faculty members then selected those students who have worked to go above and beyond in both the classroom and college community.

“It is an honor to be able to give special recognition to this group of outstanding students at UACCM,” Chief Information Officer Mary Clark said. “These individuals represent the high-quality of students who attend our college, and this event is one of the highlights of the year for faculty and staff.”

Linda Zambrano, UACCM Business Instructor and ceremony committee member, added, “It is important to recognize the success of students and their contribution to the classroom and extracurricular activities. In addition, when one hears what has been written by faculty and staff members about the students, it affirms that we do good work and motivates us to provide an excellent learning environment.”

UACCM students come from many counties in central Arkansas. Among those honored at this year’s Student Recognition Awards Ceremony were 11 students from Conway County, 18 from Faulkner County, seven from Perry County, 14 from Pope County, three from Van Buren County, five from Yell County, and four from other counties. Those recognized are as follows:

Conway County
• Lucia Alarcon, Kelsi Andres, Jared Brown, Joshua Brown, Breanna Bucko, Donald Dunkin, Tyler Green, Rachel Powell, Lisa Steelman, Chad Tackett, and Nate Weston.

Faulkner County
• Tamela Anderson, Jeannie Barnhart, Karen Deaver, Samuel Denning, Deana Golden, Robert Landon Green, Matthew Jones, Ashley Loftis, Cyrilla Owle, David McPherson, Belinda Rallens, Brittany Schneider, Sarah Smith, Robin Staser, Nicholas Toal, German Valenzuela, Joshua Willoughby, and Mark Wilson.

Perry County
• Alan Falcone, Cody Ingram, Dalton Jackson, Dakota Lathem, Chris Leonard, Jenifer Presnull, and Ryan Wilson.

Pope County
• Tina Brewer, Denise Garrigus, Tiffany Hill, Linda Jackson, Jennifer Johnson, Joseph Lackey, Wendy Lile, Robert McFarland, Amanda Melton, Dylan Rylee, Aaron Sanders, Abigail Scott, Brittany Walker, and Emily Young.

Van Buren County
• Jacob Kuipers, Natascha Davis, and April Robinson.

Yell County
• Joey Collins, Wade James, DeAndre King, Elizabeth Lane, and Carl Dexter Wolff.

Other Counties
• Keaton Thacker of Batesville, Brian Davis of Cabot, Tanya Roberts of Ward, and Juanita Philips of Clarksville.

UACCM faculty and staff would like to congratulate the students who were honored for their willingness to exceed expectations in preparing themselves for their futures. For more information about UACCM, visit www.uaccm.edu.


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