Kristi Strain featured on 'Here at Home' for cooking segment

Kristi Strain, Director of Food Services at The Plaza at UACCM, was recently featured on a new cooking segment on "Here at Home" with Susan Dumas. The show aired on December 13, 2012, on Morrilton Community Channel 6.

The hour-long show focused on quick, easy, and affordable holiday appetizers made with ingredients that viewers can find right here in Morrilton. Talking about when the idea of the cooking segment first came together, Strain said, "I wanted it to be things that were locally accessible... things that I have found in our grocery stores when I was in a pinch... a quality product." She also uses products that most people have on-hand in their home for those last minute snacks that we often find ourselves in need of around the holidays, before parties, or whenever we're in a time crunch.

This is the first segment in a series of four shows in which Strain will lead cooking demonstrations on "Here at Home." Watch the show below for directions in making tasty treats that range from very basic to slightly more skilled. Sweet and savory snacks featured in the show include bacon wrapped crackers, sweet potato biscuits, cheese ball bites, tartlets, and chocolate bars.

Here at Home - 2012-12-13 from Morrilton Community Channel 6 on Vimeo.


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