(from left) Cinnamon Pierson, Kasja Thuston, Miss UACCM Adrienne Ackley, Brittany Smith, and Jouana Rosas
The Phi Beta Lambda student organization of the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton announces the winners of its annual UACCM Pageant. The pageant was held Nov. 10 at the Fine Arts Auditorium on the UACCM campus.

For the Miss UACCM division, winners were: Miss UACCM, Adrienne Ackley; first runner-up, Brittany Smith; second runner-up, Cinnamon Pierson; third runner-up, Jouana Rosas; and fourth runner-up, Kasja Thuston. Miss UACCM, Adrienne Ackley, received a $1,000 scholarship to UACCM, and first runner-up, Brittany Smith, received a $500 scholarship.

Teen Miss UACCM
Madison Meaders
For the Teen Miss UACCM division, winners were: Teen Miss UACCM, Madison Meaders; first runner-up, Mikayla Lemley; and second runner-up, Kennedy Verbeck.

For the Princess Miss UACCM division, winners were: Princess Miss UACCM, Gabriella Langley; first runner-up, Carmen Kittrell; and second runner-up, Phoebe Behan.

For the Little Miss UACCM division, winners were: Little Miss UACCM, Kami Williams; first runner-up, Angel Osburn; second runner-up, Kenadee Housley; and third runner-up, Brooklyn O’Neal.

For the Petite Miss UACCM division, winners were: Petite Miss UACCM, Jessa Huddleston; and first runner-up, Jaci Livingston.

For the Tiny Miss UACCM division, winners were: Tiny Miss UACCM, Marlie Crawford; and first runner-up, Mykala Schneider.

For the Baby Miss UACCM division, winners were: Baby Miss UACCM, Raelee Pyzer; first runner-up, Hayli Schneider; and second runner-up, Hannah Jullian.

UACCM’s Phi Beta Lambda would like to thank all the contestants who participated in the pageant as well as their parents, all attendees, and the pageant judges for donating their time.


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