UACCM Fall 2011 Honors List Students

These Students maintained a 3.5 to 3.99 GPA while completing a minimum of twelve credit hours during the fall 2011 semester. Congratulations to all of you!
Staci Allen of Conway
Kelsi Andres of Solgohachia
Moteet Bakeman of Clinton
Pamela Balducci of Hattieville
Laura Barber of Clinton
Jeannie Barnhart of Greenbrier
Manjula Bathula of Conway
Austin Bedwell of Newport
Jessica Belote of Conway
Brandy Bertog of Greenbrier
Stella Bird of Ola
Dustin Black of Scotland
Donald Blocker of Conway
Bobbi Boone of Conway
Kellie Bryant of Morrilton
Kimberly Burkett of Pottsville
Ashley Caldwell of Oppelo
Jason Campbell of Pottsville
Kathy Carson of Clarksville
Billy Cates of Bee Branch
Meagan Chenault of Morrilton
Michael Chism of Jerusalem
Alecia Clark of Conway
Wendy Clark of Vilonia
Katie Cloninger of Perry
Sara Coble of Vilonia
Cody Cogdell of Morrilton
Morgan Colclasure of Greenbrier
John Collet of Guy
Monica Cooley of Clinton
Seth Cramer of Mayflower
Melissa Criswell of Morrilton
Amy Crone of Plumerville
Jamie Dailey of Greenbrier
Brittany Denham of Springfield
Charles Donald of Conway
Robin Dunlap of Springfield
Lindsey Ederington of Russellville
Chelsea Edmunds of Oppelo
Courtney Faddis of Clinton
Holly Faulkner of Vilonia
Rebecca Folkenroth of Clinton
Scottie Foshee of Plainview
Robin Fredrick of Atkins
Cassandra Freeman of Russellville
Charles Garrett of Conway
Jedena Garrett of Conway
Shawn Hamby of Plumerville
Brooklyn Hartwick of Greenbrier
Lacey Hartwick of Greenbrier
Stephanie Haynes of Conway
Christina Herdman of Dover
Clayton Hill of Solgohachia
Michael Himes of Conway
Michael Hogue of Conway
Teresa Horton of Hattieville
James Howard of Perryville
Jimmy Hulsey of Ola
Ismail Ibis of Bryant
Shelly Jack of Hector
Adria James of Perryville
Rebecca Jones of Adona
Hayley Jones of Bigelow
Chelsy Jones of Plumerville
Kristen Kearney of Russellville
DeAndre King of Dardanelle
Shawn Kyle of Morrilton
Elizabeth Landers of Conway
Jeannie Langley of Conway
Paul Larison of Russellville
Jeremy Lawhorn of Russellville
Tracie Lenhart of Jerusalem
Lisa Lent of Morrilton
Wendy Lile of Atkins
Travis Littleton of Conway
Tanner Lively of Conway
Angela Love of Bee Branch
James Luyet of Conway
Ian McClymont of Paron
Ronald McCreary of Plainview
Michael McEntire of Conway
Lauren McGhee of Hattieville
Mia McGuire of Morrilton
Jennifer McKaskle of Conway
Danny McKnight of Morrilton
Julia McMinn of Delaware
Patricia Mendez of Russellville
Andrew Mills of Conway
Renae Mize of Russellville
Jeremy Moore of Hector
Lauren Morrow of Conway
Karlotta Morse of Conway
Laura Mulder of Morrilton
Heather Nichols of Clinton
Jonathon Paradis of Sherwood
Erin Patterson of Hattieville
Kermit Payne of Plumerville
Alexa Pearson of Conway
Nichaela Penner of Conway
Virginia Perkins of Conway
Daniel Perry of Conway
Michael Phillips of Greenbrier
Rusty Plummer of Atkins
Shannon Randall of Dover
Shelby Ray of Dardanelle
Justin Razo of Conway
Hannah Rea of Conway
Lindsey Roberts of Dover
April Robinson of Dennard
Rhonda Roetzel of Conway
Dakota Rorick of Bigelow
Susan Rowland of Dardanelle
Dylan Rylee of Russellville
Donald Saucier of Marshall
Zachary Schichtl of Conway
Cynthia Shuffield of Conway
Michael Simo-nis of Adona
Andrea Slack of Clinton
Lauren Smith of Clinton
Tyler Snyder of Plumerville
John Squires of London
Alfred Stambaugh of Vilonia
Lisa Steelman of Center Ridge
Ramona Stephens of Greenbrier
Tammy Stephens of Springfield
Katie Stogsdill of Greenbrier
Devon Sullivan of Bee Branch
Travis Tackett of Pottsville
Eddie Tank of Plumerville
Treva Taylor of Conway
Sonia Taylor of Guy
David Thomas of Casa
Wiltrud Tollefson of Conway
Danielle Toney of Conway
Christopher Turner of Conway
Mary-Katherine Usery of Hattieville
Mary Weems of Conway
Linda Wendt of Morrilton 

Nathaniel Weston of Atkins
Jayme Wilcox of Greenbrier
Wesley Wilcox of Greenbrier
Dwight Williams of Conway
Joshua Willoughby of Conway
Hannah Wofford of Perry
David Woody of Greenbrier


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