UACCM Fall 2011 Chancellor’s List Students

These Students maintained a 4.0 GPA while completing a minimum of twelve credit hours during the fall 2011 semester. Congratulations to all of you!

Tamela Anderson of Greenbrier
Jason Baldwin of Conway
Ethan Banks of Cleveland
Lindsay Bean of Greenbrier
Megan Bernhardt of Damascus
Lindsay Bettinardi of Conway
Justin Bonds of Clinton
Brittany Boren of Atkins
Zachary Brewer of Conway
Anzie Brewer of Lenore
Daryl Byrum of Dover
Kimberly Caldwell of Morrilton
Bruce Crane of Jessieville
Kristi Curry of Morrilton
Bailey Dawson of Mayflower
Anne DeLorenzo of Conway
Samuel Denning of Conway
Dana Duvall of Pottsville
Louis Earnhart of Hattieville
Sarah Emison of Cleveland
Blake Enderlin of Conway
Brooke Enderlin of Conway
Chris Felkins of Perryville
Amber Ferguson of Conway
Ashley Ferguson of Morrilton
James Ferguson of Morrilton
David Ferrier of Clinton
Charles Fine of Dardanelle
Jacqueline Fisher of Morrilton
Justin Frans of Maumelle
Katie Frazier of Damascus
Monica Frey of Bigelow
Sarah Gaines of Hattieville
Alison Gangluff of Hattieville
Teresa Gorecke of Wooster
Jordan Greer of Clinton
Amy Hall of Conway
Monte Hambright of Pottsville
Mitzi Henderson of Dover
Olivia Holt of Maumelle
Andrew Jackson of Houston
Jennifer Johnson of Cabot
Randie Jones of Cleveland
Matthew Jones of Conway
Preston Kordsmeier of Conway
Patrick Kouri of Conway
Tony Kuettle of Morrilton
Elizabeth Lane of Dardanelle
Kandis Lawrence of Quitman
Christopher Leonard of Bigelow
Roy Lewis of Pottsville
Kelly Lovell of Greenbrier
Richard Luyet of Conway
Stephanie Massey of Maumelle
Robert McFarland of Cleveland
David McPherson of Guy
Hinton Murders of Hot Springs Village
Donna Olson of Russellville
Hannah Owens of Bigelow
Jenifer Presnull of Houston
Nathan Price of Greenbrier
Libby Quattlebaum of Greenbrier
Brenda Rhoda of Clinton
Brittany Ridenhour of Russellville
Amanda Roberts of Hector
John Rowe of Greenbrier
Joseph Ryan of Conway
Heather Ryan of Enola
Lindsey Savoy of Morrilton
Brenda Shaw of Greenbrier
Jaime Shawl of Shirley
Dawn Shrum of Conway
Mary Smith of Greenbrier
Kara South of Mayflower
Colby Spaeth of Conway
Melissa Starr of Vilonia
Dalton Stoeber of Conway
Brandi Thines of Conway
Robert Waldrep of Conway
Elaine Warrendorf of Russellville
Jennifer Welshans of Pottsville
Ryan Wilson of Perryville
Theodore Wurschmidt of Morrilton
Kristina Young of North Little Rock
Cody Zimmerman of Conway


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