The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton's Phi Beta Lambda chapter hosted the fifth annual UACCM Pageant, in the Fine Arts Auditorium. The pageant was open to current UACCM students and girls between the ages of birth and 17 years.
The winner of Ms. UACCM received a $1,000 scholarship and the first alternate received a $400 scholarship sponsored by the UACCM Chancellor’s Office. The second alternate received a $300 scholarship; and the third alternate received a $200 scholarship sponsored by UACCM Phi Beta Lambda. The fourth alternate received a $100 scholarship sponsored by the UACCM Chancellor’s Office. In addition, Ms. UACCM and her royalty received many gifts from local businesses.

The winners of each category are as follows:

2011 Ms. UACCM, Chelsy Marie Jones, Plumerville, daughter of Randy and Jennifer Jones; 1st Alternate, Jovana Rosas, Morrilton, daughter of Augustin and Maricella Rosas; 2nd Alternate, Natalie Brooke Nichols, Hector, daughter of Robert and Carla Nichols; 3rd Alternate, Hannah Megan Bonds, daughter of Tommy and Julie Bonds; 4th Alternate, Kendall Brooke Cotton, daughter of Sonny and Stacy Cotton.

2011 Baby Miss UACCM, Lila Emery Rosas, Morrilton, daughter of Marco and Lauren Rosas.

2011 Tiny Miss UACCM, Braelyn Taylor Roch, Atkins, daughter of Kyle and Morgan Roch; 1st Alternate, Bentlee Grace Shadell, Vilonia, daughter of William and Marsha Shadell.

2011 Petite Miss UACCM, Kaydance Reign Greene, Morrilton, daughter of Leah Wilson and Bart Greene; 1st Alternate, Jaci Riley Livingston, Vilonia, daughter of Jason and Kira Livingston; 2nd Alternate, Autumn Joy Weindel, Conway, daughter of Jon and l Joy Weinde; 3rd Alternate, Emmarsyn Aylor-Kaye Ballard, Vilonia, daughter of Ayndrea Clements.

2011 Little Miss UACCM, Aliza Hady, Dover, Jessie daughter of and Christy Ashcraft, Zia Hady; 1st Alternate, Gabriella Parada, Russellville, daughter of Davis and Natasha Parada; 2nd Alternate, Cheyann Nikole Bittle, Hartman, daughter of Charles and Sarah Bittle; 3rd Alternate, Alexia Beth Campbell, Vilonia, daughter of William and Marsha Shadell..

2011 Princess Miss UACCM, Nadia Danae Noland, Morrilton, daughter of Justin and Nancy Noland.

2011 Pre-Teen Miss UACCM, Ann-Marie “Belle” Ison, Conway, daughter of David and Rebecca Neitch; 1st Alternate, Kaitlyn Mackenzie Hartwick, Conway, daughter of Brad Hartwick and Jennifer McKaskle.

2011 Teen Miss UACCM, Gabriela Andrea Zambrano, Conway, daughter of Jaime and Linda Zambrano; 1st Alternate, Eden Gabrielle Walker, Hattieville, daughter of Sean and Mary Usery.


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