UACCM E-Mail Instructions

A UACCM e-mail account is available to all students. Accounts for First-time entering students will be set up by the first day of classes. Your account will remain active between semesters as long as you are pre-registered for a following semester. All important campus information is distributed to students through their UACCM email. You must have a signed Computer Account Form on file with Computer Services agreeing to the UACCM Computer Usage Policy. Returning Students do not have to complete a form each subsequent semester at UACCM.

To log on to a network computer on campus:

Your USERNAME is: first initial + middle initial +last name + last 3 digits of your Student ID Number. For example, if your name is John C. Doe, your username will be JCDoe321. If you do not have a middle initial, substitute an 'x' i.e.. JXDoe321.

Your PASSWORD is: first initial + your Student ID number. The first initial must be uppercase and no dashes are used, i.e. J987654321

Your email address is: i.e.

To Access email: 

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Type in
  3. Type Domain/username (JCDoe321)
  4. Type Password (J987654321) (remember that the first initial must be uppercase and no dashes)


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