The University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton has announced the Chancellor’s Scholars and Academic Honors lists for the spring 2011 semester.

     The Chancellor’s Scholars List is comprised of full-time students who completed at least 12 college-level credit hours with a 4.00 grade point average. Students named as Chancellor’s Scholars for the spring 2011 semester include:

Christina Allan of Russellville, Tamela Anderson of Greenbrier, Robin Baker of Russellville, Jason Baldwin of Vilonia, Laura Barber of Clinton, Manjula Bathula of Conway, Brandon Baxter of Bigelow, Lindsay Bean of Greenbrier, Deandra Beck of Oppelo, Jessica Bedow of Jerusalem, James Beene of Greenbrier, Jessica Belote of Conway, Stella Bird of Ola, Bobbi Boone of Conway, Brittany Boren of Atkins, Anzie Brewer of Lenore, Amanda Burns of Paron, Daryl Byrum of Dover, Paula Byrum of Dover, Denise Caldwell of Conway, Richard Caldwell of Houston, Matthew Cardenas of Jerusalem, David Clayton of Russellville, Michael Cockrum of Plumerville, Cody Cogdell of Morrilton, John Collet of Guy, Melissa Criswell of Morrilton, Kristi Curry of Morrilton, Joshua Dewees of Perryville, Robin Dunlap of Springfield, Dana Duvall of Pottsville, Louis Earnhart of Hattieville, Brooke Enderlin of Conway, James Ferguson of Morrilton, Julie Flowers of Center Ridge, Scottie Foshee of Atkins, Katie Frazier of Damascus, Timothy Frazier of Cabot, Monica Frey of Bigelow, Tiffany Gagne of Dardanelle, Sarah Gaines of Hattieville, Jedena Garrett of Conway, Teresa Gorecke of Wooster, Amy Hall of Conway, Monte Hambright of Pottsville, Katie Hartman of Jerusalem, Mitzi Henderson of Dover, Jose Hernandez of Russellville, Chelsea Hubbard of Perryville, April Hudson of Dover, Ryan Huffman of Morrilton, Monica Humphrey of Conway, Jennifer Johnson of Morrilton, Randie Jones of Cleveland, Amanda Karnes of Dover, Preston Kordsmeier of Conway, Patrick Kouri of Conway, Tony Kuettle of Morrilton, Jasmin Lacy of Conway, Roy Lewis of Pottsville, April Long of Houston, Angela Love of Bee Branch, Joshua Love of Clinton, Sarah Lucas of Clinton, Hannah Malcolm of Conway, Stephanie Massey of Maumelle, Carol Meaders of Springfield, Patricia Mendez of Russellville, Frankie Metcalf of Russellville, Karlotta Morse of Conway, Laura Mulder of Morrilton, Brandon Powers of Greenbrier, Jenifer Presnull of Houston, Nathan Price of Greenbrier, Tammy Redican of Mayflower, Joseph Ryan of Conway, Donald Saucier of Marshall, Karly Schichtl of Conway, Jason Scruggs of Center Ridge, Shawna Shannon of Vilonia, Brenda Shaw of Greenbrier, Mary Sikes of Morrilton, Michael Simo-nis of Adona, Bryan Sledge of Conway, Mary Smith of Greenbrier, James Stephens of Conway, Dalton Stoeber of Conway, Naomi Sweeney of Shirley, Nicole Taylor of Paron, David Thomas of Casa, Jennifer Welshans of Pottsville, Nathaniel Weston of Atkins, Jayme Wilcox of Greenbrier, Terri Williams of Perry, Leah Wilson of Oppelo, Stephanie Yancey of Springfield, Kristina Young of North Little Rock North Little Rock

The Academic Honors list consists of full-time students who completed at least 12 college-level credit hours with a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99. Students on the Academic Honors list for the Spring 2011 semester include:

Melissa Aggson of Houston, Doug Alverson of Dardanelle, Lauren Amerson of Conway, Amanda Atkinson of Center Ridge, Julia Avant of Delaware, Randall Banks of Hector, Jeannie Barnhart of Greenbrier, Kathy Bennett of Atkins, Megan Bernhardt of Damascus, Stephanie Betts of Greenbrier, Lindsy Bewley of Casa, Kandis Bivens of Quitman, Donald Blocker of Conway, Amanda Bradford of Conway, Sandra Branstetter of Bigelow, Tina Brewer of Atkins, Zachary Brewer of Conway, Timothy Brooks of Clarksville, Charlie Brown of Morrilton, Janet Brown of Morrilton, Chelsea Burnside of Conway, Denise Burton of Conway, Cody Cagle of Conway, Tangela Cain of Twin Groves, Sophie Campbell of Conway, Mikelynn Childers of Dardanelle, Audrey Christian of London, Jon Church of Jerusalem, Wendy Clark of Vilonia, Sara Coble of Vilonia, Andrea Coleman of Conway, Russell Conger of Guy, Paxton Crawford of Plumerville, Jamie Dailey of Greenbrier, Melanie Dean of Hattieville, Allen Dickerson of Conway, Joseph Dube of Springfield, Devon Duke of Conway, Chelsea Edmunds of Oppelo, Stephen Emison of Cleveland, Blake Enderlin of Conway, Kindsay Estes of Center Ridge, Amy Eubanks of Perry, Kerstie Fadely of Casa, Jessica Falgout of Danville, Fallon Farris of Van Buren, Holly Faulkner of Vilonia, David Ferrier of Clinton, Jacqueline Fisher of Morrilton, Katherine Fossitt of Conway, Kathryn Frazier of Cabot, Melissa George of Morrilton, Mariah Gillihan of Greenbrier, Dave Glasspoole of Delaware, Jordan Greer of Clinton, Laura Grider of Crossett, Ericka Gutierrez of Conway, Leann Hammett of Conway, Nikki Hampton of Hattieville, Maranda Haney of Dardanelle, Trina Hardin of Greenbrier, Sandra Harter of Dardanelle, Lacey Hartwick of Greenbrier, Hazel Hayes of Conway, Terrence Heaggans of Morrilton, Daniel Heinzen of Russellville, Claude Henderson of Conway, Kalyn Henry of Mount Vernon, Matthew Howard of Conway, Neal Howard of Conway, Brittany Hudspeth of Conway, Jacquelyn Irby of Conway, Jenna Irgens of Conway, Adria James of Perryville, Brooke Jenkins of Conway, Emily Johannes of Adona, Amanda Johnson of Conway, Christopher Johnson of Conway, Chelsy Jones of Plumerville, Hayley Jones of Bigelow, Matthew Jones of Conway, Rachel Jones of Conway, Stephanie Jones of Perryville, Mason Kindsfater of Conway, Joshua Koster of Dover, Katie Kubisty of Conway, Shawn Kyle of Morrilton, Jamie LaGrange of Atkins, Brenda Leach of Adona, Stephanie Lee of Bee Branch, Aaron Lipke of Conway, Gwenette London of Conway, Douglas Macon of Conway, Gabrielle Manion of Clinton, Kevin May of Russellville, Joshua Mayfield of Conway, Ian McClymont of Paron, Heather McCrary of Morrilton, Danny McKnight of Morrilton, Brittney Moll of Morrilton, David Moody of Perryville, Terri Morris of Mayflower, Lauren Morrow of Russellville, Ashley Murphy of Atkins, Matthew Murphy of Plumerville, Lisa Nelson of Atkins, Timothy Nichols of Greenbrier, Evelyn Ochoa of Russellville, Araly Orona of Conway, Charlene Passmore of Guy, Charles Paul of Conway, Carrie Pelfrey of Hartman, Ellen Petty of Russellville, Juanita Phillips of Clarksville, Ryan Presson of Clarksville, Ashley Prow of Perryville, Shelby Ray of Dardanelle, Brittany Ridenhour of Russellville, Kerri Ripley of Conway, Marcia Robertson of Damascus, April Robinson of Dennard, Samuel Rodriguez of Dardanelle, Zachary Schichtl of Conway, Olin Shirley of Vilonia, James Shockey of Atkins, Alex Smith of North Little Rock, Angela Smith of Russellville, Tyler Snyder of Plumerville, John Squires of London, Casey Standridge of Hector, Kimberly Stovall of Pottsville, Devon Sullivan of Bee Branch, Wiltrud Tollefson of Conway, Jessie Tolley of Perryville, Brittany Venable of Conway, Michelle Walker of Atkins, Shannon Walker of Plumerville, Larry Walley of Bee Branch, John Weems of Conway, Mary Weems of Conway, Lester Welshans of Pottsville, Michael West of Atkins, Keresa Wilbanks of Conway, Dwight Williams of Conway, Paula Williamson of London, Alicia Wingo of Russellville, Alexander Worm of Conway, Theodore Wurschmidt of Morrilton, Cody Zimmerman of Conway.


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