Spring Fever - Driven to Distraction

As UACCM students welcome warmer weather, road trips and vacations, the Students R HEROES peer education group will sponsor a special event: Spring Fever – Driven to Distraction!! This campus-wide activity will be held from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in conjunction with the UACCM 5K/2K Run Walk on Thursday, April 7. Games and activities will be located outdoors in the Plaza/Pavilion area and will stress the importance of living a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle – including an emphasis on the dangers posed by driving distractions. The HEROES will be wearing vivid lime green shirts as they work the games, serve “mocktails”, and pass out prizes.

Some of the special activity areas include:

• Winning or Wasted - Make hoops at a huge inflatable basketball game and earn drink tickets that can be redeemed at the “mocktail bar.” The trick? Gotta score while wearing drunk-driving goggles!

• The Bar Exam –How much is a bottle of beer, glass of wine, or shot of hard liquor - really?? Test your skills!

• Driven to Distraction – Drive the course in a full-size DUI driving simulator…with the added challenge of driving distractions!


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